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  1. I would say, most of the time, yeah. If you've been around for a while, you can definitely do it through tournies. But, yeah, there have got to be some liars in there. Just can't prove it without Forensic.. Um, I forgot the word, it had to do with looking through old money transactions
  2. I... what? I just got into doing these, now they are being removed... I am upset but it seems they were also negative some how. Can I have someone point me to what is going on? And, what happened? I am confused...
  3. >Is Arty Protector Probably because you play with me <3
  4. Howdy, I am Tao, call me what ever you wish as long as I can tell you are addressing me. I am not new to WoT Labs, been lurking on here for too long (About 3-4 months) not knowing how to post, and being confused that I couldn't. Apparently I didn't verify my WoT account right away, and never found out about that. So! Hello, I am a Yellow (Banana) player who can take direction, but I am absolute crap alone as, I have no idea what I am doing most of the time. I hope to become Green or a nice even 1000 WN8 some time (Current WN8 is 721 on my Game) My current problem is hesitation, wher
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