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  1. I should probably not spoil you guys any further until CR gets the sub for episode 24 sorted, however what must be said is that every time when I plan on giving up anime as a hobby, something came up to reignite my faith in the medium. Last time it was Madoka, and this time round Shirobako.
  2. I'm fairly sure this is either April's Fools joke or some desperate money grab move on Kongzhong's part. There is no historical evidence to suggest that a hybrid like this every existed, let alone the absurdity of such a thing. The L7-equipped type 59, however, is quite historical but not exactly easy to balance in-game.
  3. I suspect part of the reason is future-proofing for the inevitable decline in player numbers. Sorting a few hundred players in queue, randomly distributed across 10 vehicle tiers, into quasi-balanced groups of 15 is actually not that easy and limited MM is actively sabotaging the process since these tanks can only be placed into 2 or 1 battle tiers instead of 3. Back in the days when we had +/-3 MM, the devs have always vehemently denied any possibility of +/-2MM because they knew it would cause problems. They eventually relented after the server population reached a point that made it via
  4. Why don't you create an account on NA/EU/watev and see it for yourself? There are tools that can mod your SEA client to connect to other servers without having to download it again. As for latencies, it really depends on where you live as well as your ISP to an extent. Some consider anything above 200ms to be unplayable but others like Retia can get 60% WR on that much ping so it is really up to you to decide what is more important. As for organised play, sadly SEA can be a bit lacking on this apsect, however from what I read here NA is not faring much better at the moment.
  5. ASUS (and sometimes their little cousin ASRock) ususally get their BIOS right, Gigabyte and MSI have been consistently erratic over the years so I won't go for them unless it is a board that already had many user reviews.
  6. Somewhere out there a 49% scrub had the Hetzer game of their life
  7. You don't have to play arty to complete the missions.
  8. So we just managed to prove that bots are better than some human players
  9. Our standard heavy is the M6 and very occasionally T-150. The depression on the KV-85 makes it very hard to work with.
  10. The Chinese server had a peculiar way to push for more revenue: Hand out as many x3 and x5 bonuses as they could so players go up the tiers *very* fast, so fast that they are in perpetual shortage for credits which should in theory boost sales of premium tanks. What they got in the end was massive botting and high tier battles full of people with less than 3k battles going full retard. This actually goes against the original setup of the techtree where the tiers and modules were designed to slow you down so people will pay for free exp and premium subs.
  11. No, you need a NA account to gift another player in NA purchased from the NA giftshop. The only exception is a redemption code, which is valid globally.
  12. A lot of the VN transfers already own Type 59s and WZ-111s, and you see them a lot in random battles. It would be unfair if the rest of the server was never given a chance.
  13. Can you check task manager and see if there is a process hogging 12% or 13% of CPU time? I have seen certain drivers in Intel rigs do it and it only seems to cause a noticable drop in fps with WoT.
  14. We have ran 4202 and Fatton as a last resort scout when no other meds could be spared, suffice to say it did not work that well. JPE can be subbed in place of an E3 on certain city maps when there is some cover to hull down. But yeah, Chinese T10 tanks are totally absent in CW.
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