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  1. Brand new STA-2, need to get used to it...anyway IMHO it's FUN FUN FUN and super credit grinder! 

  2. The thing is that I'm accelerating a bit the process to get to TierX because I have really few games in it and it's been too long I've been playing so I feel the need .Doing so I'm of course loosing crew xp and I have to adapt to the new tank and this cause somehow slow down in the learning process, so I get your point...still I am not focusing on the tank itself anymore but the gameplay and I am actually getting some results..After the first month of troubles when I started playing WOT again after getting a new PC, now I feel much more comfortable and I am improving a lot. In the last two weeks I am pumping up winrate, DPG and WN8 all thanks to dedication and WotLabs :)! I kinda prefer Tier IX gameplay over Tier VIII and I expect a similar gameplay in tierX. Once I get there, I will consider to buy T-44 back and see my improvements, even with a 1skill only crew I suppose there will be. I want to keep this trend and be over 2k WN8 and over 55%WR next month (on recent of course) and afterall I will hopefully have my revenge on T-44...Just have some faith in my learning skills
  3. I guess hiding in K1 waiting for a TOG rushing him in his JollyBoat
  4. Hi Tankers! I am currently looking for a new clan :):) What do I offer? Available Tanks: Tier VI T-37 (2 skills crew) Tier XIII IS-3(2 skills crew), Tier V/VI/VII/IX available for platooning Objectives? Tier X:Obj 140 (I estimate will be available in around 3/4 weeks (3skill crew), STB-1(Long way to go, just at tier V), will take in consideration other tanks only after having these 2. Tier VIII: T-54 ltw. (just bought MT-25), will take in consideration other tanks only after having this one. Additional info: Languages: Italian native/English fluent System: 50/70 ping range, 80/110 fps range Days per week online(with exceptions): > 3 Account info: Re-roll (1st Personal account, the other was shared. See Vedranbomb (Noob good friend of mine sold our first tier X E-100 after 30 battles because: "it was crap" ) Estimated personal battles summing up the two acc (10k) No CW experience, Stronghold experience for Tier VI/VIII I am already in a clan, but we only make team battles and platoon, not enough fun/challenging for me and already informed Commander about decision to leave. TeamSpeak availability. What do you offer? Stronghold: Yes (mandatory), VI/VIII/X (as soon as i will get X) CW: Yes ( not mandatory), VI/VIII/X (as soon as i will get X) Platoon: Of course TeamSpeak: Yes, even if sometimes I solo with music on, I like to be online in AFK room. Age: >18 Languages: English Level: My level or better (not that harsh requirement!), >1600 WN8 (having some Dark blue/purple teammates/commander or especially Field Commander would be great) Extra: I want to learn in order to enjoy the game even more (Play=fun, Win= More fun) I listen to FC and more experienced players, I have my own opinion and will share it, looking for ingame discussion to improve. I want to have fun and joke, please no old fashioned military clan with bossy boss, this is Gaming not Army (I don't need a second job) Thanks for reading, sorry for the long post ;)! Please comment if you have the right environment or you can advice one :)! Cheers and may RNG be with you
  5. Thank you Smurf, your reply is really satisfying with loads of great info... I have to say I already sold my T-44, leaving it with an atrocious 44%..I needed credit to get T-54 and my best crew as well...I am really pushing to get to the obj. 140 ASAP.. That said, your suggestions are very general and can be useful for many meds in game so I can still make a good use of your experience Replying to your last note, well..I really enjoy T-54 more than the T-44 tho..I like to HEATspam Maus AKA "ArmoredCoffin" and WSWSWSWS trollbounce anything and I feel much more comfortable with thaaat gun/mobility/armor...and no ammorack on the front is actually a big plus :P! Cheers
  6. I don't have enough credits ATM to run food unfortunately.. I wish I could 3mark this tank, but realistically I do not have enough skills, it would be already a plus to 2mark it (although don't give too much credit 'bout it, I just wanna have fun the best possible way). Brawling is nice but I like medium because they can do everything as well as brawling (specifically t-54 apart from poke and shoot). Saving some credit ATM so I will try it in the future for sure. Thanks everybody for your tips/suggestions
  7. T-54 top tier Radley-Walters http://wotreplays.com/site/3156124#steppes-slaughtergc-t-54
  8. Hi tankers, I am grinding the t-54 ATM, I already have a crew with BIA, as equipment I am mounting coated optics. As I've read in other topics BIA should be paired with improved ventilation most of the time. Is it worthed to drop the optics for improved ventilation in this case? (other 2 equip are rammer and V-stab) Cheers
  9. ***Start Survey*** ***Part 1 – Demographic Data*** Directions: Please fill in the missing data World of Tanks Screen Name, SlaughterGC Server (NA, EU, RU, SEA… ) , EU Battles Played, 2530 Average Win Rate, 53.72 Average WN8,1624 Recent WN8, 1702 Recent Win Rate, 52.1 ***Part 2 – Your Expectations for Other Players*** Directions: Listed below are 6 different questions that pertain to 3 different groups of players. The 3 groups are “Bad”, “Average”, and “Good”. It is not my intent to quibble about what makes a player good or bad, and you are welcome to your own opinion. But for the purposes of this survey we will use the following numbers, which roughly group players into the top and bottom 20% of the player base, with everyone else being average. “Bad” means less than a 47% recent win rate “Average” means between 47% and 54% recent win rate “Good” means above a 54% recent win rate For each of these groups, you will be asked to rate the potential of that friendly tank to do further damage to enemy tanks by the end of the game. The groups are subdivided the relative tier of the tank compared to the battle tier, and again by their remaining health. For this survey, assume that “low health” means that tank will die the next time it’s hit. Give a number of shots of damage you think that tank will do by the end of the game. Use integers such as 0, 1, 2, 3. For example, if you think an “Average” player in a full health medium tank will do 7 shots of damage per game, answer “7”. Do not attempt to consider what actual tier the tanks are, i.e. a tier 8 tank is simply “top tier” in battle tier 8, and “bottom tier” in battle tier 10. Also do not attempt to consider the damage per shot of the gun, answer only in the number of penetrating shots regardless of actual damage output. A “Bad” player driving a top tier tank on full health, 3 A “Bad” player driving a middle tier tank on full health, 2 A “Bad” player driving a bottom tier tank on full health, 1 A “Bad” player driving a top tier tank on low health, 2 A “Bad” player driving a middle tier tank on low health, 1 A “Bad” player driving a bottom tier tank on low health, 0 An “Average” player driving a top tier tank on full health, 6 An “Average” player driving a middle tier tank on full health,4 An “Average” player driving a bottom tier tank on full health, 3 An “Average” player driving a top tier tank on low health, 3 An “Average” player driving a middle tier tank on low health, 2 An “Average” player driving a bottom tier tank on low health, 3 A “Good” player driving a top tier tank on full health, 9 A “Good” player driving a middle tier tank on full health, 7 A “Good” player driving a bottom tier tank on full health, 6 A “Good” player driving a top tier tank on low health, 4 A “Good” player driving a middle tier tank on low health, 4 A “Good” player driving a bottom tier tank on low health, 5 ***Part 3 – Your Actual Playstyle*** Directions: Please rate each question on a scale of 1-5, where 1 means you completely disagree, and 5 means you completely agree. Please answer truthfully, and base your answer on how you really act in a typical random battle. I sacrifice my own health to preserve my teammates’ health, 1 I sacrifice my own health to keep a teammate alive, 3 I would sacrifice my tank so that teammate would live, 2 I position my tank to support low health or struggling my teammates, 4 I position my tank to try to share damage with nearby teammates, 3 Keeping friendly tanks alive is the best way to ensure a win, 1 Other players are responsible for staying alive on their own, 5 I do more to help friendly tanks that are higher tier, 2 I do more to help friendly tanks that are driven by “good” players, 2 ***Part 4 – Optional Comment*** If you so desire, write a brief comment (~25 words) describing your philosophy on saving teammates in random battles. Comments, I always support tankers who show no fears to get hit, are supportive and who look to have a plan similar to mine in mind. ***End Survey***
  10. The first time an arty one shot me, I wanted to know the feeling of trolling poor impotent tankers from 600 mt... the first time I played it, I remembered how boring tetris was. Thanks for the welcome glad to join this community
  11. Thank you for the useful tips, I will try and do my best ;)! Watched some of those, especially X3n4(TVP and Patton), and it's really incredible! Of course need to watch more when I find some more time Eheheh started few days ago and actually you are the first streamer I watched !!! GG I have some troubles finding the right timing and the right path at least half of the times...I risk to expose and fk up the surprise effect, choosing the wrong path and being spotted before the ambush...therefore and being trolled instead! This happens of course mostly in tier X games, when a single mistake on the T-44 means being hammoracked I personally never go to the valley :)! 80% of the times I go in the city and I get blown up, by heavies if going straight to the church or by meds/spotter in the middle..not my favourite map for a medium. Anyway, I can only improve so it's a good starting point. Thanks for the advices
  12. Ahahaha...sorry :):)!! GC stands for Gerry Chris, 1st & 2nd name, but in the future I might become a Gun Carrier, who knows! Thank you :)!
  13. gSlaught

    Some replays

    Hi guys! I just uploaded a few replays and I would like to know what you think about it. What are pro and cons about my games? How can I improve my metagame? This first replay is in Ruinberg with a nice MM. I managed to pull out >3k dmg (for an is-3 almost top tier...not so strange I would say). I made some bad mistakes, especially a funny situation with the T34-1 where he could have killed me twice at least: http://wotreplays.com/site/3111567#ruinberg-slaughtergc-is-3 The second replay is in Sacred Valley with my T-43. Not an amazing game.. not at all, but I make a nice trick at -13.10 vs an AMX the rest of the match was one-sided and not because of my help I suppose. Not worth to waste your time on it maybe, so feel free to skip it. http://wotreplays.com/site/3126820#sacred_valley-slaughtergc-t-43 The next one is in Malinowka, T-44 vs tier IX. I manage to make good damage, even if re-watching it a few times I think I could have done much better. Way too careful/scared to go. What do you think about it? http://wotreplays.com/site/3126739#malinovka-slaughtergc-t-44 This last battle is in Redshire on my brand new t-37. Well, 2.7k dmg and 2.2 assisted on easy targets..My first M and high caliber with this tank. http://wotreplays.com/site/3126793#redshire-slaughtergc-t37 I hope you will have some time to review my battles and make an analysis, or just give me a tip on how to improve in this game. Thank you
  14. Hi everyone, it's been a while I've been actively reading arcticles on the forum. First of all, thank you very much for the beautiful arcticles, topics, streams, reviews! Super useful! So it's time for a proper introduction. I am Gerry,25, italian. I've been playing in EU servers as SlaughterGC for about 6 months, previously I had a shared account, but decided to start my own after playing around 6k battles there. Reading your arcticles and following more expierenced/skilled players suggestions is helping me a lot in improving in the game. I love medium and mobile heavy tanks. Not such a big fan of auto-loaders, even though I admit I've been trolled more than once by them. Light tanks/spotters are ok. Arty...well..I don't want to offend anybody..Td's, great respect, although not my tanks. I'm grinding the obj. 140 line (40k to T-54 left) and planning to grind STB-1 and LEO1 lines after. IS-3 and T37 in garage for obvious reasons. Few days ago, I started watching some nice streaming on twitch (wotlabs sponsorized streamers only, until now) and found it really useful and interesting.(BTW do you have any streamer which meet my preferences to suggest?) I like teambattles and SH, although we do not make SH in my current clan for lack of organization/tanks/skills. On the other hand we are having a lot of fun in TS and that's really important too in my opinion. I've few replays and as soon as I get home from work I will post them in the right section. If someone want to help me out analyzing them, I will be really grateful See you in the forum and in game (if you want to add me to your friend list, I will be glad to play together) "May RNG be with you" Gerry
  15. Totally agree, this does not mean that timing is not essential though. Retreat, poke, push etc etc...The flow is much more fluid I believe than in classic FPS (played only CoD, Battlefield, AA2 ---- respawn hater ).
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