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  1. When fighting on hills with this tank or any tank with bad depression you just play at the bottom of hills. You still get cover from it and don't get screwed driving all the way over.
  2. It couldn't be just ace game because plenty of people almost never get then. And what ever system they use needs to appeal to the masses. For grinding it could be a point system where 3rd class = 1 point, 2nd = 2, 1st = 4, ace = 10. Something like that would be a grind, but faster for better play.
  3. Tried rations instead of afe, set on fire in like the second game from arty... back to afe again... Besides that, this tank is a great stress reliever for me in the current map pool. All the shitty city/corridor maps are at least a little fun in this tank.
  4. Awful map unless I'm in my E-100 or T57, but then I still lose anyways because unless you are 10m away from a teammate good luck helping him. The space is so tight on this map I had teammates literally shooting each other in the back to try to kill enemy tanks, but then couldn't be bothered to defend cap. The only question is which map is the worst? This map, Kharkov or Severogorsk? That is a tough one for me..
  5. Legedi

    Object 268

    While I think the 268 was a bit over nerfed with how the meta has changed, I do agree it works best as a "medium-td." Use your speed and camo just like you would a medium. Sometimes sniping, sometimes flanking, other times moving with a "pack." Just make sure to make use of the speed and don't hang back too much. Actually reminds me of how I play the JP2.
  6. Besides all the playing around with view ranges, it looks like there should be other vision mechanics changed coming. (Nerfed bushes, less tanks disappearing in open fields, and possibly others) I just hope they don't make it so binocs feels mandatory in a lot of tanks. Like the t20 with 350m vr? Yep, will switch from optics to binocs with that change.
  7. Every game I've played since the nerf seems to be 4-5k damage still. If you can handle the extra 0.5!!! second aim on your first shot you'll be ok... It's still a monster damage dealer.
  8. If they are going to rebalance view range now would be a great time to aslo look at optics and binoculars. IMO, these two pieces of equipment just throw off view range balance too much. If tds get nerfed to the ~350m view range it just means put binocs on them and lol... 437.5m view range. Right now any tank i have that is less than 380 base view I seriously think about binocs unless it is a 100% brawling tank.
  9. I remember a game where I platooned three old school T5 lights before the great arty nerf. Here is the team comps: My team: 3 T10 3 arty 9 lights Enemy team: 9 T10 6 arty 0 lights WTF! Was the last time I platooned light tanks like that...
  10. No reason to keep another T8 medium after this tank. Heck, I would rather play this than any other T9 Russian medium. It feels just like a T8 Hellcat to me. If you are top tier just abuse everything bellow you. And if you are bottom tier you can still carry, you just have to play careful.
  11. When i feel like playing a real heavy tank this is the tank I play. Knowing how to effectively use the turret armor, along with hiding the lfp makes the biggest difference between average and good players for the E-100 IMO. And it has gotten even better to play with less camo sniping TDs and more brawling lanes. If you like playing the E-100, now is the time to do it.
  12. I'm pretty sure I was on the other team on your loss. I died on my JP2 by arty after I finished off a T54E1 and was sure it was a loss. All my team had was a batchat 155-58 some other arty and a camping E-75 behind our base. When I saw my team won later I couldn't believe it. The E-75 ended with 6 kills, and the 155-58 was the only tank left. I also saw the 155-58 killed the T49! I'd like to see how that game ended if anyone has the replay.
  13. In a week that i have had deep red teams non stop, the IS-7 has been the only good thing to me. 5-0 on it so far. I pretty much have gone to medium spots on open maps like serene coast and Steps, then heavy hull down on maps like Hidden Valley. Seems like the current meta really favors this tank.
  14. That is a very poorly worded translation where they actually did apply the change then nerfed accuracy to give them the "equivalent" old accuracy.
  15. Here are two replays I've had in the last few days: http://wotreplays.com/site/1232752#fiery_salient-legedi-is-8 - In this game I go up against two -G- batchats, and end up with 4500 damage and 4700 spotted damage. This game is why I use optics on the IS-8. I might have crap camo, but I play it a lot like a medium, especially in T10 games. http://wotreplays.com/site/1240828#lakeville-legedi-is-8 - Here I'm top tier with only two T9 per team. So I push aggressively (too aggressively really and I think I'm screwed in city). But I make the armor and dpm of the tank work, and pull through
  16. Looks like I recently deleted my local replays, but have the last months uploaded to vbaddict: http://www.vbaddict.net/player-replays/legedi-na-54f03e1153852e871b64f6459ebb69b6
  17. Almost done with the grind and at 72% wr, and ~2750 dpg in 79 games, all solo. The only question is if I get my third mark before I finish. I'm at 90% now with 20k xp to go. If anyone cares I could post a replay pack of my 9.3 games in it.
  18. WG really sucks at basic statistics. The first accuracy system only sucked because if a shot landed "past" the aim circle the shot went to the edge. So something like 10-20% of all shots landed on the edge of the circle (I can't remember the exact percent, but it was stupid high). The best solution would have been to add some logic that said if a shot landed past the edge reroll until it does not. There, fixed the problem of too many shots on the edge, but accuracy would still matter because lots of shots would still land in the outer half. Instead of fixing the broken part they just tighten
  19. Stunning is better than killing. This is another chance to "fix" arty. I've always thought that if HE shells got their ability to penetrate removed it would be easier to balance. I always thought the old "arty rebalance" was a huge missed opportunity, and maybe now they will fix it... lol just kidding, it will probably be like the time they buffed HE shells killing crews.
  20. I've been thinking heavies might be better for soloing than all but the best/hard mediums (E-50m, Obj 140). So I've been playing the E-100 more, and working on grinding the IS-8 for the IS-7. After seeing this thread I remembered I even have an E5, and haven't played it more than a few games in the last year! So wtf, I'll take it out tonight and see how it feels: Lol. Guess it really is time to just play heavies all the time solo now. Glad I didn't sell this tank a few months ago...
  21. All I did, and what should make any bad player better is read the wot wiki battle mechanics page over and over. I read that page probably 30 times the first three months playing this game. If you can't understand most of what is on this page people that do will always have an advantage over you. (Meaning if you do understand it you are better off than 95% of the player base.)
  22. Due to the no camo, all brawling new meta I feel like the IS-8 is an ideal "medium". You can get places before other heavies, and almost as fast as other mediums. The gun is great for it's tier. And the turret and sides let you bounce lots of shots. I'm grinding this just for the IS-7, and have been putting it off for over a year. Right now is definitely a good time to play this tank.
  23. I would have been happy with an wte-100 or equivalent that used a 12.8 with a two shot clip. Give it a 18-20 second clip reload. Would be a lot more flexible, and no stupid OP clip.
  24. Guess I'm late to this shit show. Aw well. Either way, seems like my batchat and T57 should show up on that list. And I obviously don't platoon enough to get higher WR on my mediums.
  25. After this change it was petty much worth putting camo on every medium in the game. IMO camo>repair for mediums. The only question is if repair is worth it at all. For medium-heavy like the 50m, yes.
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