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  1. Bump still looking for some buddies to grind with on the EU servers! Update: I have a couple of tier 6's that can do strongholds and just missing a couple of credits to buy my first tier 8.
  2. Don't be a potato I guess. At least blue stats lol... I don't really care. I need some M3 Lee and DW2 carries .
  3. Hello everyone! I just switched over from the NA server to EU because it works way better with my current work schedule. I get to enjoy to wonderful grind from the bottom! Just looking for some decent platoon mates to help me grind out the bottom tiers and make it more fun/bearable. So far I am up to t7. We can try that recruit system for more exp/credits. I have comms if required. Shoot my an invite in game IGN: _KillSwitch89. Thanks!
  4. I would consider any of those clans but aren't they heavy into CW with mandatory attendance? I just can't make the promise I'll be there certain amount of days given my awkward work schedule.
  5. Good to see you old friend! #NeverForgetLOLI or Knispel hahaha Pet as in Petawawa? I'm stationed in Trenton. The NCM messes there should always be full, there is nothing to do! lol.
  6. Hello everybody! I'm back again trying my luck at finding another family! My previous IGN was Matt0nChr0n. Name: Matt Age: 26 Timezone: Eastern Location: Canada Activity: I have a very odd schedule working shifts. I will be active almost every day (2-4 hours). But I alternate every week between day and evening shifts as well as balance IRL. So the times I will be online vary between day and night. I am currently on satellite internet so my connectivity will be an issue for the next month until I move into my new home with g
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