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  1. How much is the financial costs of going it alone? This is a big issue honestly. On the other hand? What kind of certification will you get if you decide to go for the exchange?

    Well if I go it alone 3 costs I could think of are tuition, living necessities and a vehicle/fuel. I'd be staying at a close friends house. If I decide to go through the exchange program its mostly resume type stuff so it would count more towards Brazil but at the same time I could try to create connections with some scholars in the US and maybe pave something for me down the road.

    Who pays for you to finish your major if you return to Brazil?


    I do

  2. Actually his worst case scenario, though unlikely, is trying to go to the US on his own power, not finding a job fast enough, and running out of funds.


    I have a question for the OP, what is the fallback plan if you can't find a job quickly, just go back to your family in Brazil?


    Yeah pretty much, unless they want to move to the US with me, which they are considering...

  3. Scientific prediction: if you choose to go to the US you'll find the motivation and develop the dedication to finish off your remaining two years in Brazil and actually make it in 'Murica. You'll probably fall in love in those two years and that'll probably do something for you. 



    You kind of described what I think might happen if I dont wing it. Edit: which is somewhat true cuz part of me wants a Brazilian girl.

  4. Chemical engineering. Thats what I plan to do, live real cheap, study part time (I don't know if that affects tuition). I guess another question I might have is: whats the job market in the US/Florida like atm? if anyone is from around that area that would help... Also one of my fears is not being able to find a job within a reasonable amount of time, since I will be going to the US on limited funds.

  5. Hello all, I haven't been very active lately but I have been lurking, reading content and occasionally posting a comment or 2. I haven't been playing WoT either but since I kinda grew with this forum it is the community I've connected the most with. Well here is what I ask of everyone: I need your help on making a very important decision, I have been struggling over this decision for quite some time now but can't seem to make up my mind.


    Some context before I start: I have dual citizenship (American/Brazilian) and I was born in Florida. Lived most of my teenage years in Tampa, Fl and dreamed of going to college at either UF or USF but that didn't happen cuz my family decided to move to Brazil my junior year (something we all regret very much cuz it didn't work out at all)


    In a couple of weeks I will be leaving for the US through a exchange program here in Brazil called Ciencias sem Fronteiras (Science without Borders). In this program I will be going to an American university to study abroad for a whole year (2 semesters + summer activities/internships), after this period I am obligated to return to Brazil and remain there for a period of 2 years before I can leave the country (sketchy, I know). That is because I am supposed to finish my major in Brazil and that would be about the same amount of time necessary to do that. While in the U.S. I will have everything paid for me: tuition, housing and meals; and I also get $300 per month for monthly expenses (entertainment and other stuff). The Uni I will be going to is USF.


    The big decision I'm having trouble with is: Should I go through the exchange program and have to return (easy mode but I'm not inclined cuz then I'd have to go back to Brazil)? Or should I risk going it alone with little financial help, looking for a job, working full time and later studying part time but not having to return, and live the rest of my life in the U.S.? (what I want, but also what I'm the most nervous about).


    Note: I would be staying at a friends house in Tampa so I all I'd have to worry about is finding a job; also if I go it alone I'd be trying to enroll at USF in spring. I also have 2 years experience in retail for electronics (mostly PC/Notebook/Tablets/smartphones) that would hopefully land me a job somewhere.


    Sorry for the wall of text and sorry I don't have a tl;dr version of it. If you guys have any questions regarding my situation plz ask.

  6. Also another question


    I want to try to make a backup of my new build, I have installed all the programs I want and set everything up exactly how I want it.  I don't want to just backup the program files I want it to reload EVERYTHING to exactly how it was before I nuked and pulled that backup back into use.  Basically a mirrored version of what's on my computer now that is working correctly, similar to factory reset on a box build computer.


    I have about 150 windows updates that want to intall..and I tried getting them to work and I ended up with the blue screen of death.  I have since done a secure erase of my SSD everything is loaded on with the Asus secure erase feature in the bios.  


    As I was typing this I just crashed into the blue screen of death again..my computer runs so fast I didn't even have time to see what error came up...

    EaseUS, it clones your hard drive making an image of it. Easy to back up, easy to restore and its all free.

  7. I'm having trouble with crew skills, what skills should I invest in the most? Anyone know a good skill guide? My initial thoughts should be to invest in role specific skills such as driving for the driver and reloading for the loader and then investing in the general skills later. Any ideas?

  8. No, because when a shell penetrates, spalling (shards of steel that break and fly off of the plate penetrated...) is what causes part of that damage. And most shells that penetrate have a timed fuse.


    At least thats what I understand of WW2 shell/armor technology. Someone more experienced could tell you exactly why.

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