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  1. BF3, Dayz, Hawken. Used to play EVE, until i got a job
  2. Girl und Panzer, how could you guys forget the trinity... tanks, anime and women
  3. Well noted eNumbra, I shall add the bacon meme to the wot meme post
  4. I'll try to do something with that...
  5. IDK if you guys read any of the dev notes on WoWS' wiki but the way the accuracy will work for the battleships is: You start off with a reticule but with a bigger disperssion then when fully accurate, you shoot a salvo and miss; the disperssion reticule automatically shrinks to simulate salvo and projectile accuracy compensations made by the Fire Control Crew. So the more you shoot the enemy the more accurate your shots are going to be... but some one would have to be spotting for this to work so they can relay where the hit landed, and the arty would "adjust" for the next shot; keeping in mind that the accuracy for the tier 8s would be equal to that of their tier 6 counterparts (Taking into account fablkak's idea to reduce the alfa and increase the ROF to compensate). Moving the hull would automatically reset the reticule and moving the reticule while in strategic view w/o moving the hull would reduce the accuracy by a bit. Crew skills could be introduced to the game to reduce the shots needed to get a fully zoomed reticule and reduce the penalty to moving the reticule while in strategic view (optional skills). What this translate's to in game play: Less campers, as seeing shots landing around you would mean that arty is targetting you and if you don't move your tank you will get hit and more dynamic game play, as arty can put down a stream of fire to create a AOE type barrage.
  6. Picked it up last night and ran 10 games in it with a 70% W/R (small sample size but shows potential...). Its like the elc/batchat for its tier, speed coupled with a unique gun and can annoy the crap out of the enemy. I expected more of the traverse tho, it bleeds too much speed, but that could be my 75% crew im runnin. I think that when this thing gets a 3 skill crew + equips it will be unbeatable and many pubby tears will be harvested
  7. dat 1 day games played stat, man you play a lot... anyways, welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay
  8. good guide, i think im gonna pick this tank up and take it for a spin, sounds like fun
  9. Fire_Hive

    Music Thread!

    Favorite OST from Break Blade. Epic Battle theme ftw
  10. bummer... i lol'd so hard when i first discovered it
  11. My Favorite... Source: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/141687-terrible-e-100-driver/
  12. lol, thx guys for that clarification
  13. This Thread IS now an Official WOT Meme Thread post all funny WOT memes here So I really didn't know where to post this question so if the mods would be so kind as to move it to the rights section... Now to the thread. So I hear all the gudpoasters making jokes about this so called Best Clan, called IOC...(p.s.: I deffinately know they are not good, played TC against them last night, two words, OH LAWD!) How did it all start? Moved to Shenernergins section ^^ ~Kitti
  14. Btw how is your english so good?

  15. I hate this map, I always have trouble when I'm in my heavy. And for some reason I have more trouble when I start at north spawn, would Servios have any tips on what to do when in a heavy?
  16. Looks like you accidentally rammed him, not shot him. But I don't have the after action report to know... Just a thought tho
  17. Plz tell me you're using the 85mm D5T and you are not stock... Gun: It has good reload, I could pull 4.4 sec reload with 100% crew, vents and rammer (no BIA though, so you could deffinately pull reload less than 4 sec). The accuracy is more than enough (.37) for a medium if you are going to be flanking, it can snipe in a pinch but isn't its main role. All in all, with mods and crew skills you're looking at around 2000-2400+ DPM, some of the highest for its tier (I think the comet beats it by a fair amount.) Mobility: This is from personal experience... I actually liked the mobility for it, sure its not the best but it gets you to where you need/want to go. Dont expect to race with it, but it does fine for relocating to that crumbling flank, or to close the gap between the TD that just fired Armor: Not much to be said here except don't go head to head with other tanks, even tiers below you as they will pen you most of the time. Angling can help you get some lucky bounces, assuming you know your enemy and the gun he has, when he shot, etc. Face hugging can save you some times but rarely is there an opportunity for it; to give you an example, I out DPMed a KV-13 by face hugging him and shooting his cupola. Module damage is not as frequent as you'd expect, an engine here or there but it happens to the russian med line frequently; your crew, though, is another story. The driver will buy the farm almost every other game, and so will your gunner or loader as your turret does little to protect your crew. Conclusion: All in all a solid medium (in my opinion), good DPM for its tier, mobility gets the job done and don't rely on your armor. Play it as a flanker and support your heavies, hit and run tactics also work. Distracted enemies are your primary targets, hit them 2-3 times and back out... Rinse and repeat. Always remember the play style you like the most, if you're going to be that flanker or if you're going to be that front line guy use your tank to its best abilities. Only recently am I discovering that I wanted to play agressively like Garbad only to realize I do poorly and that I'm a Kewei type of do-damage-and-let-the-pubbies-take-it type of style. Some rules to go by for this tank: Rule #1: DO NOT brawl other mediums Rule #2: DO NOT circle other heavies unless you know you can. I.E.: If you're on a hill fighting another heavy, or you know the enemy heavy has good turret traverse. Done it before to a tiger, just track and circle. Rule #3: A lot of people underestimate the T-43, use that to your advantage Hope this little guide/review helps, I might not be the best player or the best T-43 driver but I did pretty good, if I do say so myself. Wish I had some replays because some of my best and also my funnest games were in that little tank, If only WG had created a backwards compatible replay program... Anyways, happy hunting o7
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