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  1. lol, the funny thing is that the guy who broke it was willing to replace the parts for what they were worth, talk about throwing money away...
  2. Went to a PC parts shop and saw a techie working on a nice custom rig that he built for a customer, when I approached him I saw that he was removing the components from the mb. I asked why he was doing that when I noticed that one of the PCIe sockets was ripped clean right off the motherboard, and only the contacts were still attached. I asked him how that happened and he said that the customer that had ordered the rig, for some reason, wanted to remove the graphics card and did it with out removing the lock at the end of the PCIe slot. At that moment I cringed at the thought; some customer just yanking out a component without even knowing how to and wrecking an expensive rig. The guy had probably dropped about $2.5k on the build...
  3. I think of the mines as being placed in patterns, so in the image, I would have tried to click on the left square. Cuz of the overall "square" that the mines would form on the board, but tht just might be my tin-foil-hat nature
  4. Hey Never, who are some of the sellers you buy from on Mercado Livre?
  5. I heard that activating all cores for booting is not recommended cuz of other processes it might need to do while its loading up, but that was a while ago. I'd leave at least 2 cores active for boot if you have a quadcore
  6. Just out of curiosity Proxus, how much did that build cost? If you don't mind me asking...
  7. Fire_Hive

    EVE Online

    Well you still have to travel but a short route of about 13-15 jumps doesnt take 45 mins, at most 10 mins
  8. Well I think that dungeons early on are very easy, all the mobs drop healing and rejuvenating motes making a priest almost pointless. Now when we get to higher lvls where mobs hit a lot harder, then the priest is indispensable to a dungeon group. I'll switch servers but now that my vacation is over I'm only available on thursdays and some times on weekend nights, I'll see if I can add you guys... What tz are you guys mostly on?
  9. Cuz aggro bro, lol jk, when you get to lvl 30-31 is when pvp becomes unlocked through Kumasylum and Cosair Stronghold. The tank in Kumasylum is actually really crucial to running candy, couple him with a healer and he can take a lot. Corsair isn't that much different but the extra time your alive can actually help... Edit: btw what server are you on?
  10. My favorite http://notalwaysright.com/doesnt-even-know-where-to-starter/34363http://notalwaysright.com/doesnt-even-know-where-to-starter/34363
  11. 30GB download. Fun game so far and I'm just a lvl 28 Warrior. Sure it is grind intensive but its not bad (Edit: I'm a lvl 28 but have been playing for only a week now so), game play is actually pretty fun. Soloing BAMs (literally big ass monsters, they're huge) is my favorite thing to do for now until I get to lvl 60 and do all the fun stuff such as WHHM. Haven't tried PVP as of yet but seems challenging and fun. Also the reason why i haven't been playing WoT lately. Hit me up later Burden ingame name is Ivanovitch.Ivanovsky
  12. So in light of the new changes to the map, how should it be played out?
  13. This is the only thing "mechanical" I could conjure up but I'm proud of it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgtw19ALtPY
  14. I see you have that lego TIE Inty in the back Proxus, very nice...
  15. Fire_Hive

    Wii U

    Ah. I see, I knew it was a joke, just didn't know it was "dead".
  16. Fire_Hive


    The problem with discussing politics in any environment is that we always take our information from biased sources i.e. Fox News, C.N.N. Those that search on the internet usually find something less biased but all ways with the version of how the person wrote it, I was once taught that everything is subjective no matter how objective we try to be. You can only see something for what it is until you see it for your self or experience it in first person. I've lived in 2 countries, Brazil and USA. Both countries are great in some aspects and both have their negative aspects. I'm sure all countries have their positives and negatives. Only living in a country and experiencing all aspects of what a citizen would experience can we safely say "Yay" or "Nay" on the subject. I'm not gonna say anything about anyone's country; I could state my opinions about a subject but then my own opinion woud be biased to what I believe in, even if I state the facts as objectively as possible because once again I can choose what facts to portray and how to portray them. Keep it classy like: "I dislike what the US is doing because reason 1, 2 and 3" not like "US is the worst country in the world because they hurt my feelings"
  17. Fire_Hive

    Wii U

    @Solono My bad, won't happen again, just tryin to be playful thats all. Sorry if it didn't come out that way.
  18. Fire_Hive

    Wii U

    There's always emulators you can find on the internet. Though I think with the way the Wii U was envisioned no computer will be able to properly emulate the Wii U. I'd say go for it... PS4 and Xbone aren't worth it. PC master race...
  19. Finally this is out of the way, thx Neverwish

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