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  2. I think the biggest factor that affects preformance is imo ping and internet connection. I, for the last 500 games or so, have played on my new rig at 60fps. Before that I used to play on a crappy first gen i3 laptop. FPS was at around 11-15 fps on good days and could get worse on the heavy maps, ping was around 180-200ms and 300+ on bad nights. Those nights I didn't even bother playing. When I built my new rig , everything changed. The fps was a big plus and the ping went from 180-200 to around 140-180ms. My preformance really improved after I upgraded. Recently though, last couple 100 games or so the internet got really terrible; I'd get packet loss almost everytime I played and ping would go up to 300ms, really bummed me out and my preformance took a dive. At first I thought it was WG, then I thought it was my ISP, never would I have thought it was my wireless router though. Long story short, I bought these powerline ethernet adapters and installed them. BAM. Stable 140-170ms ping and no packet loss whatsoever. I've been steadily improving my gameplay/stats ever since. You could have the best fps in the world and that wouldn't mean anything if you don't have a good internet connection. Now if you have a good connection then the next thing would be for you to increase fps. That itself gives an increase in preformance, no doubt about it. Edit: I used to have stats like yours OP, built my rig and my sig is now testimony to how much it can affect gameplay. That, and actually visiting these forums and learning. Never give up...
  3. Upgrade is noticeable. It's worth it... Edit: that is, if you plan on keeping it afterwards. If you want to power grind the rest of the way then save the exp for your T-54, something I don't recommend cuz the T44 is a good tank.
  4. Fire_Hive

    Tiger II

    You practically described the E-75...
  5. Look up the ninja parade coverage done by the onion, its actually really funny.
  6. I did see some of the episodes, liking the first cartooon animated series better than the CGI one. The CGI one is just too "pure"and "kiddish" for me to swallow. The novels were real and gritty, something they should either make a movie series about or a TV series, preferably a movie. What Karen does in the 4th book is just so sad (right in dem feels), she gives us hope of everybody escaping safely and then guts it. Triple Zero is my favourite book of the series though and I really wish she'd done the 6th book but I'll leave it to wishful thinking.
  7. I really wanted them to do something about the republic commandos, novels written by Karen Traviss. If anyone has a chance to read them do so, it's more of a sidestory about commandos and their training seargents. Good read imo.
  8. Depends on what you're gonna use it for... Outside of games, most if not all smartphones can handle any app...
  9. I heard the motorola razr i is a rugged phone, Kevlar back. aluminum body and gorilla glass... Size isnt that too big either. Don't know about the battery though
  10. You're not the only one asassian
  11. Some of my favourite authors are Michael Crichton and Orson Scott Card, honorable mention (for me that is) is Karen Traviss and what dhe did with the SW Commandos series... Not sure if they fit in to what you guys might consider good but I like them.
  12. I fear for the future generations, thankfully I was born in an era where reading good books was common place. When I have kids I'll make sure they get the proper education in literature... Good read Solo.
  13. I wonder how well my apartment will hold up. We have a lot of stuff on most of the time and a plasma tv thats on at night. I hope it'll work.
  14. I'm beginning to think my wifi is somewhat to blame for my bad internet. SO I went ahead and bought some powerline ethernet adapters to see how well they turn out. Anyone ever use those?
  15. Had some more ideas, make your friend put in an after battle report showing an arty player and photoshop in 9001 dmg and 1337exp, "such pro" and stuff like that....
  16. It has to be an arty one!!!!! With a lot of one hits and clicking no scopes... since hes into that sorta stuff
  17. For heatsinks I advise you look for a fan that has a high fan air pressure. Its what helps push the air around the heatsinks, the higher the air pressure the more efficient the fan is for cooling heatsinks, high CFM is always a plus.
  18. Links not working for me... all that shows up is a bunch of letters and numbers.
  19. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834152461 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834231089 IDK how's the gaming laptop scenario in the US but looked through newegg and found that these seemed like good choices for the price range you're looking for, if you plan on spending just a bit more...
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