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  1. Maybe something for crhistmas... I was thinking on maybe getting a 760. It would be the next gpu I could get without having to buy a new PSU.
  2. Everybody's thinking: "Oh no not another one of these threads..." Well I decided to pledge and got myself the Digital Bounty Hunter that comes with alpha/beta/final access and the 300i. Installed the hangar module and took it for a spin. I was blown away at what Chris Roberts and his crew are doing, simply put, this might be one of the best looking space MMOs for a long while. At the same time being pretty also means you have to have the hardware to run it. I accessed their forums and found the "Can my rig run it...?" thread but I didn't find that much useful information. I'm currently
  3. Funy thing, I saw a "blue" W/R player on the enemy team and he had the IOC tag. Don't remember his name though.
  4. You guys make politics look like a game... First wardec I've seen since I first started reading tank forums and I have to say it has been the best one I've read. Ever. Even if I don't know what goes on in CR/D I lol'd to yours Allurai. Hats off to you. Edit: shut up & take all my +1s
  5. The first dead space is imo the best in the series... even with the ok graphics. Story was actually ok for the genre. Crysis, cuz graphics.
  6. Congorats on your new rig... The feeling of joy when building a new rig for the first time is blissful. Would recommend everyone to do a custom build 10/10.
  7. Graphics indeed are pretty
  8. Aslains xvm mod is my favorite.
  9. Here's one for you. Highway south spawn, I'm in my E-75 in a tier 10 match. I'm platooned with an AMX 50-100 and a T-54, both very good players. The other team had a triple T57 blue/purple/blue wn7 platoon and mid tiers were yellow/greenish. We had orange/redish top tier players and our mid tiers (tier 9) were greenish/bluish. What do I do? Where should I deploy knowing that the platoon will wreck anything that stays in their way (they were using apcr for sure)? I tried to describe as best I could. At work atm so I cant post load screan and deployment. Sorry. Will do when I get home though
  10. I think sexy tonks are relative. For example I think the E-75 is sexiest bawx tank evar. The AMX autoloader series also looks really kool, futuristic even.
  11. Why were you rejected? Or better yet, why was I rejected on your behalf?
  12. tinfoil hat mode engage... jk In all seriousness though, I just got the Su-122-44. Played a couple games in it so far and I have a 50% W/R in it with about 1.3k dmg. Sucks, I know. I think it's just a matter of breaking it in. Last night my shots were going all over the place and lag was hitting me at all the wrong times. Just a rough patch you'll get through.
  13. you forgot the "comrades" at the end of "premium economics policy"
  14. Auto fire extinguishers for sure. Can't go wrong with those. French light tanks love to catch on fire, more often than any german tank I ever had. It's like they're made of engine/fuel/oil and the crew men are smoking while driving.
  15. Well, looks like I'll be picking the M18 up this weekend...
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