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  1. I'm surprised you pushed town on pearl river...Why? Was it because of the tank you were using? Was it because you knew that their main force holding the bridge was about to get lit by the light tank that got through? So many questions...
  2. Spoilers are the #1 rule everyone must follow for internet etiquette.
  3. I have opened pandora's cookie box, God help us all...
  4. Welcome to Internet, I shall be your guide Oh Internet, you always amaze me.
  5. Huehuehuehue Since when did WoT start playing like EVE? Oh you have billions of ISK at your POS? Here let me keep that safe for you by changing the passwords and cynoing out with my freighter. Good times...
  6. dido on the heat part, 3 rounds of 54 heat through the front: "They Dinged Us!"
  7. Fire_Hive

    RU Med Models

    Now that's being resourceful.
  8. Fire_Hive

    RU Med Models

    So I was scrubbin it up in my T-54 the other day when I noticed there's a log in the rear. What gives?
  9. Fire_Hive

    Grand Chase

    So I've been playing horribly lately cuz I'm not caring as much when I play, and it's been detrimental to my stats. They probably won't be purple 60d next week but thats ok, cuz I'm taking a break. If anyone's ever heard of it I play (and will be playing it) Grand Chase. It's a platform/anime style fighting game with some pretty cool graphics and fighting animations. Lots of characters with a myriad of fighting style/weapons. If anyone does play it I have : Elesis/Lire/Ryan/Lass/Seighart all 4th job. My Lass/Seighart/Ryan lvl 60+ (also my 3 favourite chars). Currently play on the Brazilian version.
  10. Deus I'm having trouble with mine, Im doing absolutely terrible in it. Think you could put up some replay's of it?
  11. I like all types... But I think survival games are for me the funnest. The thought that everything is against you and that all odds are not in your favor, but you can still beat them. The challenge is very great but the rewards are even greater.
  12. Heres mine http://wotreplays.com/site/349967#team 4.6k damage and 2.1k spotting loss, first battle after i get my d10. Considering this tank the bar's been set pretty low, but since I'm the only one that has posted I just might win...
  13. We were all there at some point, some learned it differently than others...
  14. Try to make a correlation of hits-to-hit-skin-area in funciton of how many modules you actually damaged in the After Akshun Report. Some sort of way to prove if they actually help or not. I don't know though if when you hit a module and the player fixes it, does it still show up in the after battle screen...
  15. Mine works fine. I installed 5.0 through this XVM updater I found on the net. Just install XVM and open your WOT launcher and run the game, it'll load xvm stat for you. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/196435-088-xvm-updater-25-one-click-installupdate/
  16. Same problem for me but its different. I start up in game and ping counter is fine 140-160ms, hit the battle button and it shoots up to 300-999 ping with that light bulb flickering like I won the lotto. It's annoying as hell, I quit tonight cuz of that and the pubbies...
  17. gotta grind them xp bro. If I kill 20 minions per hour i can get X exp to level up in Y hours.
  18. I had my WoT aniverssary in july and I only have 4.5k battles... Not in hurry I guess
  19. Maintaining purple W/R in non OP tanks is easier than it looks. Played the Tiger H last night and maintained a 55% W/R solo (note to self: playing on primetime solo after a patch is not very good) with it and a WN7 of 1834. Had I won more games, that WN7 would have gotten into 2xxx territory. With the buffs to the Tiger H it has finally become competitive, 2.5k-3k DPG in it are the norm and being top tier is one of the best ways to learn HP conservation. I myself am not the best Tiger player but with the changes, I feel that the Tiger will be feared once again. Deffinately a keeper.
  20. but at the same time there are mismatched teams, there are also teams with experienced callers/players; wotlabs-tc being one of them (no clan wars so there might be a higher amount of more experienced players about).
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