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  1. Yes my account is technically a reroll, I may have given away my account a year or so ago when I quit the game and didn't expect to come back. Well shit here I am, my stats don't really say much with only 1700 games or so, but I do know what I'm doing. I'm just looking for a clan that will accept this fail reroll, mostly for platoons maybe the odd tournament being as I can't devout to much time to this game with work and home life. Anyways I have two tier 10s the 121 and tvp 50/51.
  2. I did not even notice people responded. I'll add you both next time I'm on!
  3. Well I started playing again after a long break, 2 Years or so. I gave my old account to a friend when I quit so I only have a couple T9s at the moment, a few lower tiers like 5 and 6. Just looking to have some people added to my friends list being as the solo shit is lonely Hit me up if you don't mind playing with a "ReRollllolololol". Currently I'm just playing my T9s (Skoda T50, WZ-120(Chinese SUPERIORITY)).
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