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  1. No interest in the T-34-3? Fun, carry and credit printing all rolled into one!
  2. T-34-3 since the buff to depression has become my favorite prem tank by far. Mobility makes the 122 far more usable with AP and 4-5 shots a game = 50k profit minimum. Its just way to easy to farm credit in that tank. Add in the usable turret armor and it has solid carry potential too. Would highly recommend a reevaluation.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Up until recently I've been playing either solo and with a real life friend of same approximate skill level. I now believe I'm ready to move on to "end game" content, namely clan wars. As I don't own enough tier X tanks to be appealing to top tier clans yet can y'all recommend other avenues available to meet and/platoon with purplez/gud@tanks players and clans? Specifically, how cliquish is the clan wars community? Do players generally only platoon inside their own clans? Is there any special etiquette involved in platooning or asking to platoon with other playe
  4. *glances at dudes rant regarding the possibility of lowering alpha* *glances at dudes signature showing he only plays TDs and arty* I thought Wotlabs was supposed to be a safe haven from the slobbering trolls of the official world of tanks forums...? Edit: thanks for an intelligent and interesting discussion on skill floor/ceilings regardless of attempted hijacking -Duck
  5. A couple of questions regarding clams/clam war. 1. What's more important to top tier clams? The size of your stable, individual skill level or both? For instance I'm currently sitting at 60+ WR and 1700+ WN7 for the last 60 days however I only own a Batchat. Will my lack of additional clan wars approved tanks prevent me from joining a top tier clan or would that possibly be overlooked because of potential skill level? 2. How well does tier 8 experience translate to tier 10/clan wars gameplay? Do I need to just forget it and come back after finishing my e5, t57, and 62a grind plus knocking
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