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    2. EndoXxX


      Just listen to music and talk shit on TS and skype

    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      ok well if you like bass, those are great, I like Grado phones for listening to vinyl. Although the best buy for your money is the ATH M50x monitors. cant beat the sound detail for the price.

    4. kolni


      Kingston HyperX's are my rec 

  1. 34/1 with APCR it is. Crew is just BIA+Sixth+repair and whatever?
  2. Ahh too bad. What was your setup for the 215b?
  3. @Gandaran Do you have any replays for this lying around?
  4. EndoXxX

    Dog thread

    Post you dogs here. My last two dogs:
  5. New guy here so I dont know anyone ingame... Need someone to play T8 with on the EU server. Both pref MM and normal T8.
  6. Guess I wont install it then. Thanks. Any other mod that I should consider or is vanilla best?
  7. Considering installing XVM but I keep seeing people here saying you should not use it? A little confused..
  8. True. Been oneshot several times already Thx guys
  9. Hey! New guy here. Played Blitz before when I had an Ipad (around 5K games) Tried the PC version on a friends account and liked the game better than Blitz. So I decided to make my own account and learn to be a better player. Got some helpful tips in the wotlabs chat room ingame and came here to learn more.
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