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  1. Is the WoT prem shop down?

  2. I have the M41 right now and I like it... but is it worth keeping?
  3. What are the websites where I can check my WN8 etc? I know that wotlabs isn't using the 'official' WN8 scale (or was it XVM? not sure on this matter, sorry), so I'd like to see my "accurate" stats. Thanks!

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    2. DirtyACE7


      wotzilla also

    3. OperatorError


      I use this cool site called http://exposingwot.com/


      If your stats don't show up there, then your WN8 isn't high enough, so get gud.

    4. TohtoriP



      Exposingwot seems to be a really cringy site though.

  4. Am bored. Decide to play WoT for the first time in like a month. Play in the Comet because give me some wn8 quickybaby. Some forum warrior named TwixOps shoots me first, pushes me out into the open, and then i shoot him once (which was a bad idea) He shoots me more times than I shoot him, I turn blue (ugh) and then he proceeds to tell me how he has a replay of how I shot him first (sure you do buddy). I wish I had some 750 alpha TD to shoot him next time I see him. Fuck this game.

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    2. Strigonx


      Shouldn't have played this game to begin with :doge:

    3. PrinzEugen478


      @Assassin7 yeah I expressed that thought in my post


    4. Fulcrous


      normally what i do is send a ticket with the premise that if WG relies on the automated system to punish, these players won't ever receive punishment and continue to break rules. I basically state they are abusing the system to avoid automatic detection and that it ruins not only my experience but the 13 other teammates'. Generally results in a temporary ban of unidentified lengths since CS can relate.

  5. @XXCaptainUnicorn and @CheekiBreeki_'s extreme weebness caused it to die. Even SHOJO couldn't handle them :^)
  6. Are the WoT servers down? I can't connect at all :/

  7. http://imgur.com/a/MDnnw

    The WotLabs memes are real :minglee: 

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    2. saru_richard
    3. MAJEST1C


      Saru, it's about the changes in v29 expected tank values 

      Someone should change to "FixT62AValuesBabyRage" for me 

    4. Dodge94HUN


      Wait wait wait... you can actually see the avatars and the linked images of people without checking their profile? :O What is wrong with my Chrome? 

  8. @Luna tfw you come here and your roster is the exact same thing as mine
  9. So I'm trying to learn some CAD designing and 3d printing stuffs.  I'd like to know if you guys could recommend a good program for me to use? I tried Fusion 360, but it's kinda clunky and it lags on my computer sometimes o.O Also I'd like to model a tank, so could someone recommend a tank that isn't too big and is relatively easy to model? Thanks! 

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    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Autodesk Inventor is very easy to learn and can model pretty much any tank if you understand how to use the various tools. I made a T-34-85 at one point. Since I did make it to the scale of the blueprints, I might actually go back and flesh it out gradually, maybe even 3d print a mini model.

    3. Assassin7


      I learned solidworkz, which is pretty damn cool. You could probably make a tank with it (well, you could) but it would probably be beyond my level

    4. PrinzEugen478


      @SmurfReroll I plan to go into the aerospace industry after I go to college :D

      @Ollie Tabooger I plan to 3d print a tank lol


      Thanks guys!

  10. Metro 2033 I am looking forward to hopefully the end of my junior year in high school towards ~June 2017. I'm really about to give up in school, going form straight As to struggling to get As -_-. It'll be over soon.
  11. @enroh his nickname is PrinzEugen478 on the NA server . I He expects an M60 in his garage by tomorrow.
  12. Well it's never snowed where I am Merry Christmas!
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