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  1. So I'm trying to learn some CAD designing and 3d printing stuffs.  I'd like to know if you guys could recommend a good program for me to use? I tried Fusion 360, but it's kinda clunky and it lags on my computer sometimes o.O Also I'd like to model a tank, so could someone recommend a tank that isn't too big and is relatively easy to model? Thanks! 

    1. hiipanda


      I fiddled with freecad. Its pretty basic, but the tutorials on youtube helped.



    2. nemlengyel


      one of the fascist box tanks? (to avoid complex shapes)

    3. SmurfReroll


      If you are willing to part with a somewhat hefty some of money, or are a student, Autodesk Inventor and CATIA are two decent enough pieces of software for all your designing needs. 


      What tank should you model? Imo a Hetzer or a British box like the Cromwell or Churchill. The big German boxes that people might recommend have a few curves and funky angles whereas the Cromwell and Churchills tend to be pretty straightforward. The only difficult part of the Hetzer would be the gun mantlet and the tracks might be a pain in the ass. 


      Quick note, if you want to fiddle with aerospace engineering in the future, Autodesk has an airflow simulator and stuff like that. 

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