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  1. Am bored. Decide to play WoT for the first time in like a month. Play in the Comet because give me some wn8 quickybaby. Some forum warrior named TwixOps shoots me first, pushes me out into the open, and then i shoot him once (which was a bad idea) He shoots me more times than I shoot him, I turn blue (ugh) and then he proceeds to tell me how he has a replay of how I shot him first (sure you do buddy). I wish I had some 750 alpha TD to shoot him next time I see him. Fuck this game.

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    2. Strigonx


      Shouldn't have played this game to begin with :doge:

    3. PrinzEugen478


      @Assassin7 yeah I expressed that thought in my post


    4. Fulcrous


      normally what i do is send a ticket with the premise that if WG relies on the automated system to punish, these players won't ever receive punishment and continue to break rules. I basically state they are abusing the system to avoid automatic detection and that it ruins not only my experience but the 13 other teammates'. Generally results in a temporary ban of unidentified lengths since CS can relate.

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