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  1. Damn man you cant be telling my secrets to the world otherwise what would i teach the people i mentor
  2. man have you found the right person I specialize in reducing team kill bans
  3. I believe i am a good sniper with 75%+ hit rate on all my teir 10s (besides my arty but i dont play that anymore) For redlining i dont tend to do that very often but i know how to do it enough to atleast do something while im at it For Bushes im always using them in every tank to try and get the upper hand so yeah i know how that works Shoot me a PM and we can setup a time and ill help you with all that
  4. Hey guys I have in the past mentored some new players and now with my schedule being more open im willing to start mentoring again i currently play at 2.8k to 3k recent wn8 while I am on a silver league team currently (go Lincoln brigade) I generally play teir 7-10 but enjoy 10s more The session would last for an hour or 2 depending on yourself I can also do group mentoring up to 2 people so feel free to bring a friend Currently i use discord for coms but if you prefer TS i have it also The way I would go about a session would be about 10-15 mins or long
  5. yeah i was planning on doing camo next set of skills but with this update its really tempting to change to camo
  6. So i have been trying to improve on my BC gameplay and i would like someone to review and give me an idea on what i should change with my playstyle to improve I personally like getting into the fight and brawling i dont tend to stay back with the BC I have vents stab and GLD with 20 APCR and 10 Heat Currently working on the 4th skill 1st skill set is six sense snap shot and off road driving 2nd skill set is BIA 3rd is Repairs 4th is recon designated target and clutch Game 1 Malinovka loss http://wotreplays.com/site/3514431?secret=00450afa5e41f6217281c
  7. I just recently came back to pubs I only really played for the campaign and never played a pub for about a month and well im rusty as hell too it and im doing alot worse then what i used to do How do you guys warm back up into tanks after a extended break from pubs
  8. Hey guys i have a question for the T57 So far over the course of almost 200 battles in it i absolutely love that tank to death but I have a hard time playing consistently and keeping up my overall damage in the tank Do you guys have any tips that could help me improve my gameplay in that tank Here is a replay i had uploaded already http://wotreplays.com/site/3081133#cliff-madxbrad13-t57_heavy_tank In the start i know i messed up facing the BC and i got bogged down worrying about arty and middle too much Once i killed the TVP i saw the other side was screwed
  9. Hello there fellow Tankers! Are you looking for a new clan? Well your in luck because 7th Panzer is recruiting! Yes that's right! We are currently recruiting players with an overall wn8 of 1000 and a recent of 1600+. We also require 3 CW ready teir 8s! So if you fit the requirements, what do you have to look forward to when you join the clan? Well let me tell you we got a whole bunch of stuff everyone enjoys: First off, we got Stronks! Now, who doesn't like Stronks? I sure never met anyone that doesn't like them yet; Secondly, we got CW! I mean, of course we got
  10. I do believe i am being too passive during matches but when i do go out on the front line i either do well or i get shit on within 5 mins and end up losing all my HP and i go back as support once again I dont pick the best times to be aggressive or passive so thats why im looking for someone to help me on that
  11. I have recently gotten up to a decent level of recent wn8 and i find myself wanting to do better I have been watching streams videos etc etc to learn more but i want to improve more So im looking for a platoon mate to further train me Thanks in advance
  12. I have the A-44 currently but i never decided to try it yet i think i might free XP it if i get the chance I love the A-43 though
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