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  1. Considering that the T-10 was a real tank that was used in service it would be strange if they removed it completely... but on the other hand does anything the devs do really surprise us anymore?
  2. Boy do I have no fucking clue how the O-I Exp. stayed pretty much in its original state (I think there was a minor gun handling nerf?) for this fucking long. That thing spent so long being so damn broken it's unreal. Am also excited to try it post-patch
  3. Not the worst solution tbh. Blitz also gives you 2 gun choices, but worse DPM with the higher pen one. MM stays the same since Blitz is +/-1 anyway. I like it. KV-5 is same deal, has the option of mounting (I think) the KV-4's top gun with lower RoF.
  4. I know what you're getting at but the DPM/HP ratios are insane in general in low tiers. I do actually consider it a huge game issue that low tier gameplay involves most tanks being able to kill most other tanks in 10-15 secs of shooting. HP pools increase way out of proportion to DPM as tier increases which is why low tier gameplay doesn't resemble high tier gameplay at all, and you can get vaporized instantly a lot easier in, say, a tier V. I think it's a major issue in new player retention tbh because the time to kill in low tiers is so damn low. WoT Blitz actually handles low tier game
  5. Well, I like that equipment choices are a bit more interesting now and tbh I haven't been playing Blitz long and haven't accumulated a whole ton of equipped tanks, so I'm not feeling under-compensated for old equipment (assuming that's what you're referring to). On-topic: I really won't mind if these tanks make their way to NA/EU etc... 95% of the rage from people in Blitz every time a tank like these is released is from tomatoes who sit in base "sniping from distance" in their Tiger Is because "historically accurate playstyle." It's not like WoT ever had any immersion to break in the fir
  6. These two are actually from Blitz as well, and there are a few others weird ones too that the Blitz devs have added in the past year or so. But regardless Blitz still doesn't have arty so I'll take it
  7. Boy, is that good to hear, that's what I was hoping for. Let's hope it sticks. Also can we just take a moment to appreciate the removal of arty platoons? Sure you'll sometimes get random clickers still coordinating but it's nonetheless a big improvement.
  8. Agreed on the HWK, that thing is hideous. And with 630 m/s shell velocity... ouch. I'm getting really scared about the new arty mechanics, but still hoping for an exodus of career arty shitters now that it's much less likely to ever get oneshot kills.
  9. I'm tempted to try out the M7 now, never played it before. Curious to see if the gun handling actually lets it land all its shots at range, unlike the tanks I mentioned where their effective DPM decreases quite a bit past close range. It'll still get shredded in a knife fight against any other 57mm-armed tank though.
  10. Hopefully once the excitement dies down the number of light and arty players will decrease and things will balance out again. I haven't played 9.18 yet because I'm too worried about retarded LT drivers yoloing everywhere as well as everyone with an arty taking it out to try the new mechanics even if they rarely play it otherwise, probably gonna wait a couple days.
  11. Yep, a lot of lights can now use vstabs (French autoloaders!). The M7 did get nerfed in the DPM department. Compare its RoF with the 57mm to a T-34 or even a Crusader now.
  12. I played the E8 with the 76mm, never tried the howitzer. Definitely not the best tier VI med but far from unworkable. DPM is good, turret will get bounces, and although its top speed ain't great the acceleration and agility are nice (can still circle heavies easily). Low gold pen is a weakness but at least you get great gun handling and vstab. I can see the 105mm definitely being workable on the E8 though, if the gun handling really is as good as people above are saying, the agility and depression would make ridgeline derping feasible. At tier VI only the T-150 and O-I can reliably bounce
  13. Definitely one of the best tier IVs in the game atm, really underrated. I'm at the Chi-Nu and it's... a slow paper med, but it has insane gun depression and a decent gun which is all you need to get through a tier V grind.
  14. Yeah, I'm comparing them now and Crusader has slightly better dispersion values than 57mm T-34 but T-34 has .5 better base accuracy which is ridiculous and very noticeable for me while running them both with GLD/vents and comparable crews. Not to mention that T-34 can afford to be more aggressive and close the distance more due to superior armor (troll in-tier), mobility, and DPM whereas Crusader needs to stay far away and preferably in camo thanks to the reasons you already listed (HE) - bye-bye, Crusader effective DPM. According to tanks.gg its stationary camo is barely better than the T-34'
  15. Yep, seems like the meta has left it behind. Would love to see Crusader aim time buffed to 2.1 or even 1.9, it would hardly make it OP. A traverse buff would be nice too, it doesn't even feel that agile at low speeds, especially after the Covenanter (which is a gem btw).
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