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  1. Thanks for sharing further details. If you can upload the whole replay pack that would be very helpful. Cheers
  2. yes, it's weird to "buff" something that's clearly underpowered and still nerf other stats at the same time; essentially keeping it still non competitive.
  3. Congrats, well done and done quickly! I too am interested in more information from your experience, whatever notes/figures you might have please do share. Also replay packs (larger better) would be great. Thanks
  4. hi all long time lurker. just created an account and this is my quick post to say hi. put my signature below, as you can see I'm really bad but not dead yet so the possibilities are endless! in the past 2 years I checked this site/youtube/twitch occasionally for improvement material without any consistent effort in reading/watching/playing. now I am doing all of the above and seeing improvement. very motivated for more. I will be devouring the free information here and might come up with questions hence the account. thanks for all the knowl
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