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  1. I play every game as if there is no arta. I do this because if i always played arty safe there is no risk/reward. Arty is such a broken mechanic you can never be arty safe 100% of the time. Sorry for late response don't check the forums often
  2. Imo there is really no point to play the e50m over the cent ax. However the recent buffs to the e50m made it more competitive. As for the upgrade from the e50 to e50m. The heat rounds you get in the e50m make a huge difference in your ability to rack up damage. The main issue with the e50 is the fact that you can't pen e100/maus turrets reliably.
  3. Dierin also provides some pretty quality ass gameplay.
  4. In this replay album i have gathered all of my e50m games that i could find (good and bad). I have also created a seperate folder of a session i had here for people that only want the good games. I ended my e50m session with 4.6k overall dpg and 5.5k wn8. My session can be download here http://www.mediafire.com/file/b8ws01epjzexw93/Xits+e50m+4.6k+overall+dmg+session.rar
  5. @DirtyACE7 Yes it was given out in the 121B campaign.
  6. I didnt include all the 907 games, because i figured no one would watch all 100+ of them. I just randomly picked some replays.
  7. :heyguys: My name is Andrew and I play on the North American server. I just recently marked my 907 with a 10k dmg game and thought i'd share some of my replays. In this replay album i'm including some games from my M60 session And some random replays from my 907 session Including the 3 mark game which i uploaded to wotreplays here http://wotreplays.com/site/3195390#highway-xits-object_907 Lemme know if you would like to see more replays, because I have plenty lying around http://www.mediafire.com/file/q3lwc77dp7sy7s5/Xits+replays+album.rar
  8. spam gold chai snipe bait teammates hit your shots
  9. grinding skoda 3rd mark and playing fcm add me if you wanna toon
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