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  1. _Steve

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    ISU-130 buff when
  2. BURwJR1.png

    Am I an anime character now

    1. Raj


      no, only yuno can be a anime girl. I actually wonder what happened to them.

      snip yuno gasai.jpg

  3. Step 1 load full gold Step 2 RRR Step 3 maybe sidescrape a bit? Step 4 4k+ dpg 4Head LOOOOOOOL
  4. uu1EyVv.png

    nice meme of a tank :serb:

    1. lavawing


      Why would you buy that you filthy weeb?

    2. _Steve


      Wasn't my acc obviously :tomatard:

  5. It looks like a retarded hunchback 907
  6. Bit of a stretch but anyone got an NA acc with T8+ tanks that I can sock? :doge:

  7. Anyone know the difference between mark reqs on EU/NA/SEA/RU in general?

    1. Daerlon


      @aurora_boriealis or are you really just @_Steve

  8. anyone 3marked a mauerbrecher yet/reqs? :doge:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CarbonWard


      3.3k combined, marked in 87 games.

      pretty shit tank overall, weak armor, slow speed, slow shell velocity.

    3. Siimcy


      cmonBruh just look at skill's stats for any tanks :4Head:

    4. _Steve


      2 hours ago, CarbonWard said:

      3.3k combined, marked in 87 games.

      pretty shit tank overall, weak armor, slow speed, slow shell velocity.

      Perfect for masochistic activities then :gachi: 

  9. fuck 200ms ping :QBFlip:


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    2. Assassin7


      I play on 250 as my standard ping. \o/

    3. Kolni


      e a t a s s s t e v e

    4. _Steve


      9 hours ago, Assassin7 said:

      I play on 250 as my standard ping. \o/

      200-250 from asia to EU for me :gachi: 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. _Steve


      Both tanks are pretty good with the 105mm and full gold, I think kolni did well with the 90mm on the M4 45 as well

    3. Siimcy


      cmonBruh still playing this game? LUL

    4. MAJEST1C


      The gun is good but the armor is trash.

  10. _Steve

    Primo Victoria showing 0 WN8

    Tagging shitten? Good luck getting that fgt on this forum now
  11. Just me or do I play way worse on SEA compared to EU even with 350+ ping and packet loss?

    1. waga100


      i guess it would be just you either way

  12. _Steve

    resett statistics

    OP: This forum is already dead, any attempts to resuscitate it will be reported to the local authorities as accusations of necrophilia.
  13. tfw everyone you know has a job and you don't


    even fucking siimcy has a job



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    2. Siimcy


      Getting a job isn't hard, what is hard is getting a job that isn't aids.

    3. _Steve


      Consultancy is probably one of my top 5 career options after doing my masters (hopefully), but I'll be wanting to stick to econ/politics/public policy instead of business strategy since that bores the shit out of me if it's not my own business tbh.

      Siimcy literally any job available to me right now is complete aids even though they would probably pay quite well but be boring as fuck, the ones I want I think I'm slightly underqualified for because I don't have enough work experience in the area LUL

    4. hazzgar


      @Matross I'm a leftie and I'm from Yurp (ffs I read Picketty) so I'm all for unions but Donnie won't bring many jobs. Acording to hard stats more jobs were lost to automatisation than to Gina (whoever she is). Also as someone who used to do some bike design consulting on the side I know the concentration of different branches of technology in one city (Shenzen for electronics for example) is just super convenient and it will be near impossible to compete in US even if the cost of labour was the same.


      As for relationships - my fiance is amazing. I hate stable relationships. I never wanted to get married, I hate kids but she is someone I'd stay friends with even if we were not in a relationship. She is best friends with my best female friend. So it is kinda obvious. As for kids. Well we both have hyperprolactinemia so unless we throw some moneyz at the doctor no kids for us. 


      As for the job - yeah I have 1-2 smart guys at our company and a few at our foreign offices but I have the same problem. The thing is I am not a nice person (exactly the reason why I was hired) so I'm bad at hiding it.


      @_Steve econ and public policy consultancy is a good chice. I have a friend who works there but I'd literally kill people if I went there because I hate that people treat economy as an ideology and they don't even read the books from the movements they preach for (FFS Free market gurus not knowing Adam Smith, idiots who thing anything to the left of Ronnie is Marx or just thinking we had a Marxist economy working in our history, not that I would want to). 

      @Siimcy given time every job will reach aids period unless you own the company or are high enough to be resistant to idiots taking managerial positions.