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  1. zjApaVh.png

    I want to die :)

    1. kolni
    2. hazzgar


      You masochist. That tank used to kinda work back before pen creep and when people didn't spam gold since it's awkward to pen with sub 280 pen when angled but now? Jesus. Congrats but you must hate life.

  2. My question is why wouldn't you start at tier 6 and use the free XP to skip stock grinds instead
  3. Update, ever since I read this post I stopped griefing my stats for the most part and I'm slowly getting back to where I used to be and improving past that so correlation = causation obviously I reached close to the top of the EU/Asia ladders and I still got tilted every other hour I played during that time, I think some people with some games are just capable of performing at a high level regardless of tilt/emotional reaction
  4. someone count my votes for me please -3 = 0 Studzianki, WG decided to make more than 50% of the map effectively pointless but joke's on them, it's 100%, die in a fire -3 = 4 Mountain Pass aka shitstain pass where marks of excellence go to die +1 = 20 Prokhorovka, something for everyone except when there's 3 arty
  5. BURwJR1.png

    Am I an anime character now

    1. Raj


      no, only yuno can be a anime girl. I actually wonder what happened to them.

      snip yuno gasai.jpg

  6. Step 1 load full gold Step 2 RRR Step 3 maybe sidescrape a bit? Step 4 4k+ dpg 4Head LOOOOOOOL
  7. uu1EyVv.png

    nice meme of a tank :serb:

    1. lavawing


      Why would you buy that you filthy weeb?

    2. _Steve


      Wasn't my acc obviously :tomatard:

  8. It looks like a retarded hunchback 907
  9. Bit of a stretch but anyone got an NA acc with T8+ tanks that I can sock? :doge:

  10. Anyone know the difference between mark reqs on EU/NA/SEA/RU in general?

    1. Daerlon


      @aurora_boriealis or are you really just @_Steve

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