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  1. Rat Trap You know, back when I was young, man, I had seen some cheese on a board. I was like damn, that cheese look hella good I gotta get me some of that [edited], man. So I gets to nibblin' on the cheese and smadadat. Guess what it was? Rat trap. So the moral of the story is, watch ya selves. They hypnotize you with dat [edited]in them booty shorts twerking for a brotha and next thing you know, she pregnant, askin you for money. Man, these ho's is cheese on a board. We are a good group of tankers. We enjoy playing tanks and have a good time. Re
  2. Idk they seem way out of my league.
  3. Looking for a top 100 clan. I have clam wars experience. My tens are E5, T57, E3, M48, T62A, OBJ 140, 268, IS7, E100, 50B, and Batchat. I'm competitive but also chill. I don't need a safe place cause feels hurt. Joking and having fun is a must.
  4. Looking for clan

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