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  1. Rat Trap You know, back when I was young, man, I had seen some cheese on a board. I was like damn, that cheese look hella good I gotta get me some of that [edited], man. So I gets to nibblin' on the cheese and smadadat. Guess what it was? Rat trap. So the moral of the story is, watch ya selves. They hypnotize you with dat [edited]in them booty shorts twerking for a brotha and next thing you know, she pregnant, askin you for money. Man, these ho's is cheese on a board. We are a good group of tankers. We enjoy playing tanks and have a good time. Requirements: *Must have Teamspeak and a working MIC. *Participate in tournaments and strongholds. *1500 overall WN8. *Exceptions can be made for stats (Except for immature players) We always make room for good people. For recruitment talk to one of these gents. Commander XO Recruiter
  2. Idk they seem way out of my league.
  3. Looking for a top 100 clan. I have clam wars experience. My tens are E5, T57, E3, M48, T62A, OBJ 140, 268, IS7, E100, 50B, and Batchat. I'm competitive but also chill. I don't need a safe place cause feels hurt. Joking and having fun is a must.
  4. Looking for clan

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