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  1. Patron Status Message, They said send a message to you.

  2. Hello! An issue that caused the automatic stats update for patrons to fail on rare occasions has now been fixed. Cheers! Never
  3. Here in Italy we had the lowest death count since March 19. Hopefully it's the start of a trend.
  4. Hello! An issue which caused periodic columns to show the account's overall statistics instead of the correct period's has been fixed. Cheers! Never
  5. Fixed a small issue causing some people to not receive their UBP benefit.
  6. Don't worry, this is just a little April Fools goof and will be gone tomorrow. In the meantime, you can simply subtract 1000 from the WN8 and 10 from the win rate and those are the actual numbers!
  7. Hello tankers! We here at WoTLabs understand and sympathize with the difficulties suffered by players struggling to maintain their statistics during this period of unusually high player activity caused by the COVID-19 outbreak quarantines around the world. To provide World of Tanks players relief during these trying times, we're proud to announce the introduction of the Universal Basic Padding (UBP). The UBP will guarantee that every player will receive an extra +1000 WN8 and +10% Win Rate to help alleviate the pain and suffering of degrading statistics. Before: After: In summary:
  8. Hello! I took a look and everything looks right from here. The recent win rate in the stats image is rounded, so it won't change as often. About the recent WN8, we can keep an eye on it for a few days and see how it fluctuates, but as far as I can see everything is being calculated correctly.
  9. Which browser are you using? Is Javascript enabled on your browser and on the page?
  10. Exactly. Iran is digging mass graves. Hundreds are dying every day in Italy. If this isn't cautionary enough that the world needs to get its shit together, I don't know what is.
  11. Police car just drove by saying through the megaphone that moving around is illegal without a valid reason, and for us to stay in our homes. That felt pretty fucking surreal. Like the kind of stuff you only see in movies.
  12. Man, I wish this was just the flu, but the situation is really bad. Here in Italy doctors are having to choose who to treat because there just isn't enough capacity for everyone. They're basically having to choose who lives and who dies. And Italy has an advanced health care system. Imagine what less developed countries will go through once this thing really digs in. We've seen nothing yet.
  13. Thanks for reporting, I'll look into it.
  14. In northern Italy. Full lockdown as per the rest of the country but my province hasn't been hit too hard so far, only around 50 cases. No shortage issues on the supermarket thankfully, we just got some more food and toilet paper today. Despite everything, things seem to be pretty normal. Only saw one guy wearing a mask so far, and there is still plenty of people outside driving around going about their business.
  15. That is correct. We average each relevant stat from all the relevant tanks along with their expected values and plug them into the WN8 formula. More info on the WN8 formula can be found here.
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