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  1. This is what I get for rallying across a planet. Just fell from that.
  2. Not after I disabled their turrets they won't
  3. The mission doesn't actually involve combat, you just shoot a power plant and get out. Also, I did a similar whoopsie to you. Desperately trying to find missions that give out modular terminals, I finally found a data courier mission that gave out 9. Since I had the mission board listed to only show me the commodity rewards, I didn't see the money reward, and didn't check the destination because, hell, it was just a data courier mission. Yeaaaah... Abandoned.
  4. @FlorbFnarb it's gonna be easier to explain here. I took one of those "Disable the megaship's turrets" missions to get some Modular Terminals. I went to the megaship but it was just a cargo ship that had been attacked by thargoids and had no turrets at all. Apparently these missions are confusing / bugged as hell. This is up to where I was sending you messages. Then while I derped around it trying to locate anything that resembled a turret, I got a broadcast from the megaship saying they were detecting Thargoid activity. I turned around to see a massive witchspace hole, and then...
  5. So to unlock Palin I decided to go the opposite way and visit the Seagull Nebula. Luckily, VY Canis Majoris was on the way. At the point I took this screenshot, I'm as far from VY Canis Majoris as Saturn is from the Sun.
  6. It's the experience that counts (and the free Anaconda, of course). I'm currently parked in Semotus Beacon with my main account. The alt is grinding massive amounts of materials to start unlocking engineers. Did some exploration on an Imperial Eagle to afford a Keelback, then went core mining for an hour until I had enough Void Opals to buy and A-rate an Asp Explorer and still have around 20 mil left over. It's gonna be dull having to go through this all over again, but the payoff is gonna be worth it. Having two fully unlocked accounts to play with.
  7. I made it to the end. The literal end. Ishum's Reach. Nothing beyond this point except the void. For the longest time I felt like I cheated my Elite rank in exploration by just doing Road to Riches around the Bubble. Now I think I can now say that I truly earned it. I think I'm gonna stay here for a while, recharge, then start heading to Colonia. Funnily enough, mountaineering in Skyrim was always one of my favorite pastimes. I just wish there was more tools in the SRV for ground use. I'd love to be able to measure height to "sea level" and be able to find the highest mountains and deepest craters, or have a temperature gauge and find the hottest or coldest spots in a planet. There's so much stuff that can be done with it, SRVing feels really bare-bones.
  8. Greetings from Beagle Point! Took me almost an hour to reach the summit of a nearby mountain range. Worth it.
  9. Meanwhile, on the Pathfinder Horizon... I'm standing at the very border of the Formorian Frontier, one more jump will take me into The Abyss. Things are starting to look pretty small from here.
  10. After much deliberation, meet CMDR Ryan Reyes, a freshly graduated pilot from the Empire.
  11. I'm looking through my old D&D / Vampire characters to see if there's a name I like, but so far no bueno. I don't even think I know what I'm looking for, more like "I'll know it when I see it".
  12. Yep, something like that. I want a more "roleplay" name for him as well. Sorta like what you chose for your guy.
  13. So I pulled the trigger and got a second account. Problem is that I'm stuck at this particularly difficult part of the game. Any suggestions on how to get through this level?
  14. A lot of people will disagree, but I absolutely love the Type-9 / Type-10 for core mining. Not only can they pack everything you need and more, but they also make you feel like you're in one of these: In other news, I nearly just shat myself jumping into this system: https://streamable.com/trf7v
  15. Oh shit, just discovered my first black hole!
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