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  1. Hello! You can now see a complete breakdown of your WN8 by tank Nation, Class and Tier. Hope you guys enjoy it, cheers!
  2. The store was already there, all I did was find the magical button that made everything more awesome
  3. Hello! Have you ever thought "Gee, these shirt designs are awesome, I just wished I could get them in a hoodie or a mug or on my forehead"? Well fear no more, thanks to an option that I just found out about, every design on the WoTLabs Store is now available on every single product! You can now get a Russian Bias shirt as well as a Russian Bias hoodie, mug, cap, apron, phone case... the list goes on and on. To see all available designs, head over to the WoTLabs Store (if you're from Europe, use this WoTLabs Store), click on a design and check out all the products that are available. Using the code WINTER18, you get 15% discount on any clothing purchase (expires today, so if you want some swag for Christmas, now is the time!) Cheers!
  4. Never

    WoTLabs is now fully HTTPS compliant

    Me too, but I had a psychologist help me with that. just kidding I'm looking into it Edit: All fixed.
  5. So this was a result of the first bug. Since the tanks weren't being added, the games you played in the SU-130PM were lumped together in the last 24 hours which is when the SU-130PM finally made it into the system. Even though you only played 13 battles in the last 24 hours, all your 26 battles in he SU-130PM came in at once and caused a slight discrepancy. This discrepancy should solve itself as those lumped battles exit the 24 hour column. The issue in general is fixed with the automatic script checking every day for new tanks and adding them automatically, so this kind of discrepancy will not happen again in the future.
  6. Thank you for the reports, looking into the issues. Edit: Duplicate tanks in tank list issue has now been fixed.
  7. Hello! As of today, WoTLabs and the WoTLabs forum are fully HTTPS compliant. Requests made to either website will automatically redirect to the HTTPS version. Cheers!
  8. Hello! Fixed a bug where new tanks weren't being added despite the script reporting success. Added missing tanks to all servers. Tank contours now appear next to your tank in your WoTLabs profile's tank list. Added "Latest News" bar at the top of every page on WoTLabs so users who don't frequent the forum can be informed of recent changes. Fixed issue where some tanks would appear twice in the tank list. Cheers!
  9. Hello! As users of PadderBot may be aware, he has been dead for quite a while. To be honest, he was doomed from the start. PadderBot was a bit of a hackjob using mIRC and mIRC Scripting. While this is fine for a single-channel bot, PadderBot was supposed to be in multiple channels at once, and once you pass the 30 or 40 channel mark, mIRC starts to get bogged down quite a bit. Eventually it became too much for the poor IRC client and small Windows virtual server to handle and things went down for good. However, I've created a nifty little alternative if you still want to have statistics functionality on your channel. Using Nightbot, you can easily add a custom command that will grab the player's statistics directly from WoTLabs and display them on your stream's chat in the same way that PadderBot did. You can add the command by typing the following into your channel's chat: !commands add !stats $(urlfetch$(querystring)) After that, all you have to do is type !stats [server] [player] and Nightbot will return the player's informations. Example: Supported servers are: na eu asia ru And that's it! Hope you guys enjoy it! Also, there will be new things on WoTLabs going forward. Stay tuned.
  10. Never

    Bunch o' Fixes (Error 78 and Site)

    Fixed, you can download it at
  11. Actually streaming tanksfor some reason: 

  12. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here in Brazil thinking "my government is corrupt as shit, but at least they don't fuck with our memes".

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    2. hazzgar


      Jesus memes aren't fucked. Nerds need to read more and panic less. This may have some shit annoying consequences but you will face them rarely and most people never.

    3. Assassin7


      Meanwhile in NZ we're watching all this internet bullshit in the US and EU while going :popcorn:

    4. Action


      4 hours ago, hazzgar said:

      Jesus memes aren't fucked. Nerds need to read more and panic less. This may have some shit annoying consequences but you will face them rarely and most people never.

      and here i thought "memes are fucked" is also a meme :disco:


  13. And so, @Assassin7's hostile takeover of the forum begins.

    Forums - WoTLabs Forum 2018-09-11 23-31-16.png

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      You see, what actually happened is I was testing out how all this new stuff works. And I wondered... Could I give Never a warning? 

      The answer was yes. I then couldnt find the button to remove it, before he removed it himself lol.

    3. Kolni


      Can it really turn into a hostile takeover if all his futile attempts are shattered with the press of a button? :doge: 

    4. nabucodonsor
  14. Hello! As has been brought to my attention, the verification system is apparently faulty, meaning new users have been unable to participate in discussions in the forum for quite a while. I have done a complete validation of the system and I could find no fault. As far as I can tell, it's working as normal. However, as this appears to be causing issues, I have enabled access and posting rights to users in the default "Registered Users" category. Several functions, like rating posts, are still restricted to verified tankers. Cheers! Never Edit: I figured out why this issue happened, and we can thank IPS (the makers of the forum software) for it. Months ago, they introduced a "quick registration" feature and made it the default without asking. This quick registration screen ommits custom fields, including the mandatory "Server" field which the verification system needs in order to know which region to authenticate your account. As new users couldn't select this field, they could not verify. Fuck, fuck fuckity fuck. I have now enabled the full registration screen. Verification should be working normally again. This new access to unverified users will remain, unless we run into trouble. USERS WHO REGISTERED RECENTLY CAN NOW EDIT THEIR PROFILE AND SELECT THE APPROPRIATE SERVER, THEN PROCEED TO VERIFY AS NORMAL.