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  1. Never

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Good idea, not sure if it's possible with the Stream Deck but I might be able to make it work somehow. Since we're at the topic of going through the mail slot at 200+, I've been looking to build a smuggling ship (although I'm aware smuggling has been severely nerfed, Florb even posted about it recently on Reddit). Wanna do it more for the fun and thrill than for the payout. Any tips for what ship would be good for either a fast entry build or a stealth build?
  2. Never

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Here's how I set it up so far. Tried to cram my most frequent keys in the first folder. CAM folder:
  3. Never

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Well conveniently enough, I recently bought an Elgato Stream Deck. That will come in handy
  4. I'll look into it. I'm not sure the library I'm using to display the table supports showing all or exporting, but it's a good idea. Another thing to note: Right now the values aren't updating because of a few more disk space issues. I'll be doing some moving of stuff around and get it back to updating properly in a couple of days.
  5. Never

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    If you have Discord, hit me up: Never#5589
  6. Never

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Neverwish I'm not very creative
  7. Never

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Yep, on PC! Just got a second Asp X to outfit for mining.
  8. Never

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    I'm part of this now. Holy shit this game is fun.
  9. I just got into Elite: Dangerous, found a very handy tutorial on how I can outfit my Cobra for core mining. MFW I reach the end and realize you wrote the damn thing. Small world huh.

    1. Never


      Great tutorial btw, thanks bud!

    2. FlorbFnarb


      No problem!

      I don't know if I've updated it, but there's no longer any advantage to packing more than one abrasion blaster.

      It used to be that multiple hits on a single surface deposit generated multiple freed chunks, but this is no longer the case.

      I need to update that guide.

  10. Never

    Streamer Partnership Program

    Welcome @bolagnaise to the partnership program!
  11. This should now be fixed. Thanks for the report!
  12. The former, it's not possible to calculate actual global stats without either a ridiculously large database and too much time, or direct access to Wargaming's database. More data is being added every day, but the sample size should be more than enough for these stats to be very accurate!
  13. Hello! Serverwide tank statistics are now available. On the front page you will now see an additional box next to the Server Stats with the top 10 tanks in average battles. Clicking the link below the list will take you to the full statistics page where you can sort and filter, as well as see a number of statistics related to the tank. "Complete Tank Statistics" will take you to the full statistics page: I'm still working on expanding this page to show graphs showing player preference by tiers, nations, classes, as well as the server's performance in each. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  14. Hey guys, just an FYI. You can now connect to the WoTLabs TS without the port number, just typing in
  15. Will work on making it available for smaller screen sizes!