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  1. This is now fixed again, sorry for the inconvenience (again). Good god I'm bad at this. Now there is about a terabyte of space available, so it shouldn't run out again anytime soon.
  2. Hello, let me know your IGN and I'll take a look at it.
  3. Hello! This morning we had an issue which caused periodic stats to stop appearing. Long story short, server ran out of space again. This has now been patched up, bad records have been deleted and the cache cleared, and your statistics should again be appearing normally! Apologies for the short downtime and inconvenience. Cheers! Never
  4. Never


    Yeah, I'm well aware that I've been doxxed on that website. To be honest, I don't exactly try to hide my personal information and anyone who for some reason wants to waste some time tracking me down can probably do it.
  5. So I've been out of it (and pretty much everything else) for a while as I'm dealing with some IRL issues. I need something to distract me. How's the game doing?
  6. Hello, sorry for the delay, I've been a bit hit-or-miss the past few weeks due to a family emergency. I've sorted out your Patron access. Thank you so much for the support!
  7. It's possible that you caught some weird state between cache updates. It looks fine now. I'll take a look and see what I can find.
  8. Thanks for the heads up, I've cleared it up!
  9. Hello, I'll take a look at what's going on.
  10. Hello! If you have been in a clan's page in WoTLabs recently, you probably noticed a slight change in how the clan's WN8 is displayed. While previously there was a single number, now two are shown. The one shown in larger font is the pure average WN8 of every member in the clan, while the second, shown in smaller font directly under the pure average, is what was up until now the "default". This value which we call a battle-weighed value also takes into account the number of battles each player has. The goal of this was to prevent a clan from padding their average WN8 by including several accounts with a low battle count and extremely high WN8. As you know, WN8 as a metric is only really useful after a certain number of games, usually at the very least a couple thousand. Playing a few battles in low tier tanks and stacked with premium options could easily result in an unrealistically high WN8, which would then be weighed as much as someone with 20 thousand battles under their belt, thus skewing the clan's ratings. However, this method also caused a problem where players with very high battle counts could also skew the results, this time downwards, therefore showing numbers that don't properly reflect the clan's overall performance. To solve this, I have added both numbers to the page, with the most prominent one being pure average WN8, and the battle-weighed WN8 shown directly beneath. This should give players more information to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a clan to apply to. That is all for now, cheers!
  11. I added this as a featured article on WoTLabs. The link to it will appear pinned at the top of every page. Great article!
  12. Nothing of much substance to be honest, if it's real at all. Personally I hope it isn't, I just started playing Planet Coaster and I'd be surprised that a 2 year old game is already in maintenance mode. Especially when it could use so many improvements. In other news, April Update's here. A bunch of great bug fixes (including fixes for a few bugs I reported, so yay), but what the fuck was Frontier thinking (if they were at all) by making Drag Munitions disable boost. That's a ganker's wet dream.
  13. Send me your WoT username by private message and I'll sort it out.
  14. Yeah, with an extra class 1 slot I'm putting that on almost everything. I like to alt tab and do some quick reading while traveling inside a system, resulting in many loops of shame.
  15. Well shit, I need to start complaining more often: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/april-update-coming-23-april-2019.508239/
  16. Is it normal for FDev to be so silent on upcoming patches? I don't think I've ever played an online game where there has been such a long radio silence regarding upcoming stuff. I've been playing for almost 2 months now and the last we've heard from them was over a month ago saying we would get more news about the smaller patches "over the coming weeks". It's been 5 weeks now and not a peep.
  17. So whatever premium time we have now will be credited to us as the New And Improved™ Premium Time? At least they're doing this not long after Christmas. I still have some 2 years of Premium Account from the boxes. Overall, good if you play WoT exclusively, bad if you play other WG titles. Honestly, you would think it sounds like a bad business decision since sharing premium and gold would be a great incentive for players to try out their other titles, but if it's working, who am I to say what's good or bad for their pockets.
  18. The world doesn't need to be entirely driven by the players, but they could at least give us something to care for. There are 400 billion systems in the Universe, it shouldn't be that inconceivable to allow us to call one of them our own and be able to grow it into a functioning economy. They're way too attached to the vision that players should be lone wolf mercenaries, and it's hurting their game. Players naturally like to create groups and alliances with like-minded people, as evidenced by groups like Canonn, SDC, Fuel Rats and many, many others. But right now there is no gameplay for groups. Fleet carriers are a good first step, but it could be so much more.
  19. Yeah, here's hoping. We need Frontier to add depth to the things already in the game. To be honest, I don't think it's me that's having an identity crisis, it's Elite itself. It's a space simulator that wants to be at the same time single player and multiplayer, but doesn't want to add MMO elements that lets players have meaningful interactions, like trading. Add to that the fact that most of the player base seem to be made up of people who are terrified of player interaction and react with hostility to any implication that Elite could learn a thing or two from EVE and I don't see how it's ever going to be what I'd love for it to be. I know exactly why I get so frustrated. If you ever played D&D or any kind of tabletop RPG, it's easy to express. I get frustrated because playing Elite is like playing D&D in a huge world, but the Dungeon Master is extremely railroady, every city and NPC is essentially the same, he allows zero player agency, and only his NPCs have any influence in the world. And he sucks at storytelling.
  20. Hull was at 99%, it's the ship integrity that was toast. Ship integrity basically determines if the hull you have left acts like metal or toilet paper. No way to repair that without a station. Not sure when I'll be back at the Bubble, but if I do I'll definitely name it. Right now I'm having a bit of an identity crisis on Elite. There is so much stuff that I wanted it to have that I know will simply never happen because it's not the kind of game that Frontier wants to make. Namely, making it an actual MMO, with a player-based economy, a guild (squadron) system that actually matters. I'm sort of dipping my toes in EVE, but the learning curve makes Elite look like minesweeper, and there's simply no game out there that can beat Elite's immersion and first-person ship control.
  21. Basically by this point my ship is held together by duct tape and positive thoughts.
  22. I'm kinda tempted to transfer some ships over to Colonia, buuuut...
  23. Yup. I keep the EDSM dashboard open on another monitor. It shows any body in a system that is worth over 800k credits when scanned and mapped. Personally I only go for the ones worth 1.6m or more and closer than ~3000 ls.
  24. It has been disabled. I dumped the entire dataset on the forum and IIRC the consensus was the there was no meaningful pattern to the maps.
  25. Made around 250 mil. Could probably have made much more, but after I discovered that Wolf-Rayet I dashed back to Colonia to sell the data and didn't scan much on the way.
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