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  1. Hey sorry about the delay! Looks like someone had that name before you and changed it at some point. Should be correct now!
  2. It could be that there's a delay in the most recent stats being available in Wargaming's API. The first thing the system does when updating an account is check if the battle count that Wargaming's API returns is greater than the one currently in the WoTLabs database. If it is, it goes ahead with the update, otherwise it halts the process there as it doesn't see any new information available. On the page it would still show the "last update" time as the time of the most recent successful update, not the halted attempt. I took a look at the database. AMGPilot has been updated twice today an
  3. Sure, just scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on Theme and select LightLabs. But truth be told, there's a good chance that the light theme will eventually be phased out. There is quite a large number of modifications I made to the theme to add all the bells and whistles, and having two of them means that after every update I have to reapply and re-validate all the modifications twice.
  4. Hello! As has probably been requested about a billion times in the past, the forum is finally getting a dark theme! You can select it by scrolling to the very bottom of the page, clicking on "Theme" and selecting DarkLabs. I'm considering this a very beta version of the skin, and there might be several things that will require tweaks along the way. Let me know if you find something off and I'll get it fixed ASAP. Cheers! Never
  5. Ah I get you. So what's happening is that when you visit the forum, that sets a cookie with your forum authentication. The website uses that to verify that you're in the Patron group and then removes all ads. It seems that something in your browser might be clearing the cookies prematurely.
  6. Can you check now? I tested on my end and it looks normal. Make sure you're logged into the forum as the website authenticates with the forum to grab the user's patron status. I've also implemented the fix for the "Support the Forum" sidebar appearing for patrons!
  7. Yep, just updating your statistics page should trigger an update. Make sure to connect your forum account to your Patreon account so your WoT account is recognized as a patron! That warning appears if there is more than 24 hours of difference between when the latest info was downloaded from Wargaming and the previous time. It's just to let the player know that there might be more than 24 hours worth of games included in the "24 hours" column. This can happen if more than 24 hours passed between tanking sessions or if the player didn't check their statistics in over a day as well.
  8. Odd, that whole section should be hidden for Patrons. I'll write up a fix ASAP! To trigger an update all you have to do is visit your statistics page! If there's new data available in Wargaming's API the system will automatically grab them and show you the most up-to-date data possible!
  9. Hello! As part of the upcoming (and somewhat delayed thanks to food poisoning) update for session statistics, Patrons are now able to update their statistics at any moment, without a wait of one hour between requests. Not only that, but Patrons with their account verified here in the forum will also have a special badge next to their player name on their WoTLabs profile showing their patron status. A huge thanks to all the Patrons that help support us and keep the lights on! Cheers! Never
  10. Hey guys, just an FYI. The development roadmap will be delayed 1-2 weeks. Last week I came down with something bad (not COVID thankfully) that kept me in bed with a 40C (104F) fever for 3 days. I'm just now starting to recover and get back on my feet.
  11. Should be available by Friday at the latest! I was hoping to have it done by now but last week I came down with a pretty bad case of something and I've been pretty much knocked out of comission since then. Hoping to get back on my feet this week! Cheers!
  12. Fix was implemented earlier but the columns were still grabbing data from the cache. I cleared the cache so things should show properly now!
  13. It was global, a little quirk of the new code used to calculate periodic stats. The accounts were still updated normally and the new battles were shown on the 7/30/60/Recent columns, just not the 24 hours.
  14. Hello! Starting today, statistics will be able to be updated once every hour, down from once every 24 hours. This applies to everyone. Patrons will soon be able to update their statistics at any moment they wish. Database queries have been optimized, allowing for much faster performance when calculating periodic statistics. As part of this, an issue has also been fixed which prevented some periodic stats from being calculated correctly. Fixed an issue that prevented average tier from being calculated in the overall column if an account hasn't played a game since the last ol
  15. Ah yeah, the signature image has a longer cache life because it's very resource intensive to generate. Yep, it's 103 games total between the SU-85 and the SU-76M. Total battle count also looks consistent with WG's data. Signature image should update until tomorrow at the latest, but looks like everything is set!
  16. Working on it. Edit: Is your WoT account GargamelSE on EU? Can you check if it's all there now?
  17. Hello! As some of you may know, WoTLabs has been in "maintenance mode" for some time now, with new features few and far between. As we start 2021, I'm returning to active development! This is what you can expect in 2021: Session Statistics The first feature that is being developed is a section where players can see all the statistics for any given session. This is accomplished by taking a snapshot of your account's stats at the moment you finish a tanking session (clarification: the player must request a stats update manually by visiting their stats page) and comparing it with
  18. Server disk space ran out again. Should be fixed!
  19. Hello! The issue with Rudy stats appearing in the periodic columns when changing between Polish Rudy and Comrade Rudy has (finally) been fixed! Cheers and Happy New Year! Never
  20. Sorry about the errors and blank pages, I've been doing my usual thing of trying to fix something and creating a billion more problems in the process.

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  21. Yep, this is the case. I've looked into ways of mitigating this issue and I still got nothing. The way Wargaming built the system means it's impossible to distinguish between the two datasets on the fly.
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