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  1. Lol, I can see how this is more of an entertaining than informative read. Anyway, I think you could have mentioned how the this huge house of a TD actually shifts quite well with its powerful engine. Also, while the armour is tissue paper on most of the tank, the significant mantlet and slightly sloped UFP can get some bounces at range.

    Another thing you neglected to mention is the piss-poor gun arc which is a huge issue if one wants to play it as a clunky assault gun. 

    All in all, a fun read, 8/10. :jealous: And yay since the blogs have returned! 

    Thanks prolix <3

    I edited the review to include the points you mentioned!

  2. Aye, do I hope he comes back? Yes. Do I think he will? No.


    I simply think that they're intentionally making us think he'll come back -Killing of Jon would be the perfect way for them to show that really no one in game of thrones is safe from death.


    That's the thing. They made this point quite a while ago, now it's hurting their story. The whole "nobody is safe from death" seems to have them stuck in a mindset of cheap shock deaths


    Yes, no one is safe, which is a numbing effect on the audience, you have no suspense when you abuse that rule too much. It's death for the sake of edge, and one of the reasons the whole body of work sucks balls. It's like slapping a thin piece of meat onto a whole onion for seasoning, it's useless and tastes like crap.


    Until season 3, that formula worked perfectly. The Red Wedding was beautifully pulled off, but it was all downhill from there.

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