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  1. BURDY would be a great clan for you if you're looking to improve. They're mostly players looking to get into clan wars, and they share a teamspeak server with PBKAC, PUPEH, FOXEY and OTTER, so you'll have a lot of great players to hang around with, talk and platoon. http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000007494-BURDY/
  2. Never

    Hey Neverwish

    Thanks guys, but I can't take all the credit. This forum wouldn't have happened without Allurai, Solono and all the contributors and mods.
  3. Oh god my eyez. As soon as you post this, Mugsy will wake up from his sleep. A weird feeling in his gut, telling him that something is not right... By the way Allu, IPS pulled the finger out of their bum, smelled it and saw it was good. Uploading the software now.
  4. We're moving to the same software they use due to. well, being better than phpBB in every way For the normal user, pretty much nothing will change, but admins and mods are gonna have way more functions available.
  5. We're already gonna have to push back the release date by at least 24 hours. Invision Power Services are slow as hell to enable the forum software download, but as soon as they do, me and Allurai are gonna start working to configure everything as fast as possible.
  6. Never


    Well reminded xD Had just installed the AIOMOD and forgot to change it
  7. Never


    Wanna trade?
  8. I just scoop *puts helmet on and ducks*
  9. If anyone wants to run a test, we can set up a training room and fire ~500 shells from both first and third person views and compare the results.
  10. Looks like Wargaming finally realized that the players were getting tired of driving over the same terrain for hundreds of battles (Pearl River doesn't count, since you get it so rarely it might as well not be there) Here's the new map they just announced: Minimap: Gallery: http://worldoftanks.com/news/2350-new-m ... led-korea/ (Too lazy to post images) What do you guys think?
  11. I never noticed it myself, although I've asked about it in the official forums and got a negative answer. We could do tests on training rooms with hundreds of shots.
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