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  1. Alright, straight back to the Bubble it is. There's just not much "game" north of Sag A* to keep me jumping for so long. I still have plenty of things I want to do and achieve in and around the Bubble. When there's nothing left for me in the Bubble, I'll pack up my stuff again and head towards Beagle Point and beyond
  2. CIVILIZATION! Thank god for Explorer's Anchorage, good to have a handy place to offload all the exploration data.
  3. Never did, although I'm well aware of what black holes do in real life But I've been told that black holes in ED are very underwhelming in a destruction sense. Better photo!
  4. Holy shit, I just discovered something amazing here. An Earth-Like World (my first one) with a single moon orbiting it at around 149,000km. It's an Earth twin!
  5. Will do, although since they play mostly on the weekends, I'll probably be back. Man, I just got to the Great Annihilator. Black holes freak me the fuck out.
  6. Yeah, I've seen a lot of people claim this, but I think they're misunderstanding the issue. There are two similar but unrelated issues: This one, and the way Stellar Forge works which would require Frontier to destroy the galaxy and recreate it. This one appears to be something that fails during witchspace. Because restarting the game fixes the problem, the code that is generating the skybox is failing at some point during the jump. Maybe it has a timeout so that players don't get stuck in witchspace for a long time, while when loading the game the code has the luxury of time to properly render the entire skybox. That's my theory at least. In other news, I just reached my third-to-last waypoint on my way to Sagittarius A*. I'm currently at distance of 21,683 ly from Sol, so getting very close. After reaching Sag A*, I'm docking at Explorer's Anchorage. After that, I still haven't decided. I'll either: 1. Continue on to Beagle Point. DW2 moves too slowly, so linking up with them is not an option. Probably not gonna do this since I have a few friends who are starting to play and I want to be in the Bubble to help them out (maybe it's time to buy a new copy of the game :D) 2. Go straight back to the Bubble. 3. Go to Colonia, then take back to the Bubble.
  7. For a game that aims is to simulate space, failing to properly simulate space is a pretty big oof. If I were in FDev's place, fixing this would be pretty high up in the priority list. Presentation in a game like this is huge.
  8. Apparently this bug has been around since forever and Frontier has refused to or is incapable of fixing it. It's extremely annoying and pretty much kills any semblance of immersion when exploring. Before reloading the game: After reloading the game:
  9. True, tbh I'm not too sure what my line of thinking was to have chosen the bi-weaves. Just gotten used to it with mining and PvE I think.
  10. It's a fully exploration-capable vessel! Here's the build: https://s.orbis.zone/2ix3 I can still squeeze ~0.8ly into it since I didn't lightweight life support and didn't finish the G5 lightweight sensors (very close to it though). Edit: Figured out I can get an extra 0.4ly by going with a G5 overcharged monstered 4A Power Plant. I could technically go very low on the Power Distributor, but I want the boost capability.
  11. So today I decided to Forrest Gump it. With plenty of goals achieved in the Bubble, I hopped onto my Anaconda, visited the last engineers I needed in order to get it to a 74ly jump range while fully packed with every utility necessary and started making my way towards Sagittarius A*. 8 hours later, I just exited the Inner Orion Spur for the first time, and visited some nice places along the way. Instead of taking a direct route I'm jumping between points of interest to break up the monotony of jumping, scooping, scanning and jumping again. Almost halfway between the Bubble and the galactic core, my next destination is the Norma Southern Gate!
  12. Wew, spent the day unlocking engineers for armor, shield generators and boosters. Now I can turn my Corvette into the flying fortress I envisioned.
  13. God I love when NPCs in a Sidewinder scans your huge-ass Corvette or Anaconda and acts all tough. "Eh, no cargo, you're useless to me!". Then you start melting through him and he's all like "So you choose death!" Son, you do realize that I'm in a Federation warship and you're in a ship that is being literally given away for free.
  14. Welp, bought my Vette. Thankfully I could port over all the core internals and most other modules from the Anaconda. Now I'm debating whether I should dump a VERY large chunk of cash into Reactive Surface Composite bulkheads or go for something cheaper. Any ideas?
  15. Nope. It was basically an attempt to protect the national industry (which barely exists) from evil foreign competition. Thankfully our new president, for all his flaws, recognizes how much damage protectionism causes to the economy and is looking to greatly reduce taxes and bureaucracy for foreign companies to start operating on Brazil. A few years back IKEA gave up opening a store in Brazil because of the bureaucracy. We only got Amazon last year.
  16. Although beware of the caveats, especially if you're into tech and gadgets. Brazil has some of the highest import taxes in the world. Our electronics usually cost twice as much as they do in the US. You'd have to pay an entire month's salary to buy a good gaming rig.
  17. Brazil has considerably lower costs of living compared to the US. With a US minimum wage, you'd be easily able to rent a decent sized apartment (over 1000 ft²) in a medium-large city (downtown) with high speed internet and all the attached costs (electricity, water, etc...), food for the month, gas for your car, private health care (although we have universal health care, so it's not an absolute requirement. It's much better though) and still have around 1/3 of your income left over for whatever you want.
  18. Well, technically we are speaking at my workplace
  19. I wish the next QoL update includes a way to vent passengers into space or kick them out back into the burning hell hole. Swear to god, some of these fuckers don't even manage to get to their seats before deciding that they just HAVE to send me a message to let me know just how much in a hurry they are. Nevermind the fact that I still have 130 seats open for people to evacuate, MISTER IMPORTANT HAS PLACES TO BE.
  20. Better limp than Imp. ... wait that did not come out right.
  21. Comes with the territory But yeah, I'd rather keep this identity contained to WoT and use others elsewhere, just to be safe. In other news, I just made Post Commander. Soon™ I shall have my Corvette!
  22. They weren't stupid enough to go that far. It was that wonderful blog dedicated to shitting on everyone even remotely connected to World of Tanks. They just posted my name and a few of my social media profiles. To be fair, I don't care much about my real name being out there. I just rather not give it more publicity, because I know you can get at least a part of my address if you dig enough. I don't think anyone cares enough to do it though.
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