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  1. He will just flank the knight. Murazors signature move. Gg ez
  2. Armor is the biggest issue imo, you can pen it if you shoot premium in the correct pixel and get a good pen roll. Make lower plate weak, give it 40kph/18kph and it will be ok without being shit
  3. Also a huge tip on map positioning: twitch. Watch where good players go in a certain situation and see why they get out of it. Its basicly a shortcut to playing each map, each spawn 100 times to get a hold of meta.
  4. I think you confused being agressive with being the first tank to push enemy tanks already in the defensive positions. Generaly speaking you want to be agressive as early as possible to get FREE shots/spots on the enemy tanks before they come into their position. For example. If you come first to Mali windmill area, enemy will have to bleed alot of hp to even try contesting it on the even ground with you. What you shouldnt do (most of the time) is be the first tank to push if youre in a stalemate situation on a flank. Your hp is worth more then your teammates hp because your teammates like los
  5. Does anyone maybe know what is WoTRTM_04 account? I got TKd by someone playing it but when i go to check account it says its locked. It would be really fitting if i got tkd by some sort of supertester :serb: 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gr1nch_1


      Could be. Are those accs locked for viewing in game aswell as on outside websites?

    3. Assassin7


      Its probably some event account or something. And yeah, it'd be locked everywhere

    4. Gr1nch_1
  6. We are litterally discussing if wte100 is or isnt the most broken tank. So thx for this analogy that proves my point wte100 isnt AS bad of a tank as type 5 is.
  7. Can it miss someone for 300 dmg while still having retard proof armour tho?
  8. Tfw wte100 isnt even the most broken tank anymore by a long shot
  9. It is. Shitters are happy with rng because it mostly helps them. Good players dont rely on it. Shitters do. 95% take out a type 5, aim vaguely in direction of the enemy and have a 1500dmg game. They are happy with that. They proceed to buy prem time. This game is NOT designed for us, if it were shitters would quit because they would never be rewarded.
  10. Type5 has weakspots on the side and rear. We know you cant flank on every map but have an example of 1 out of 3 maps (the other 2 are same map with the different name) where you can. Sand river! Ha! Clearly not a corridor game!
  11. Tier 10 is by far the strongest tier. There no doubt about that. Outside of tier 10 tier 9 is the only one worth playing imo. You have e50, m46,t50, t10, wz1-4. All the other 9s are decent aswell but id say the ones mentioned will perform in any given scenario.
  12. I dont agree at all with the statement from the title. What changes is the meta. Its a bit different because some players who dont play often play weird positions. So your wr will suffer if you cant adapt.
  13. If he has 400wn8 he probably just drives randomly around the map untill he sees an enemy, shoots him abd then dies. If you make him go to a good position on anymap his dpg should double.
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