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  1. I think I had my highest damage ever in the E50. I have no clue why so many shots missed in the end, seemed okay aimed to me. Lasergun let me down a bit. Still very happy I managed to pull out a win. http://wotreplays.com/site/3621059#teams
  2. Hands are still shaking. Best game in the E50, though I had some bad RNG.


    1. RC_Tank


      RNG was busting your balls on some shots but that was a great game, really need an E50 now haha

    2. HappyIittlecloud


      Yeah I did not bother taking cover against the T-44 because I was like he is side on -  no way I can miss him. Critted twice in a row :D

  3. And I made some more. Pixel Art is really relaxing Had to do a T-34 because there are two standing around in my city. Also added Centurion with L7 E25 Object 263 STA-1 And I re did the KV-2 for like the fourth time.
  4. @Zepherex IS6? Da! Just to clear it up I do the pixel art, she did the Tiger in the gallery after my template
  5. Heyo My GF likes to do stuff with ironing beads and I am okay at pixel art so I decided to make some tanks for a friend to pick from and let her iron it. And since I had so much fun doing the pixel tanks I kept going and made some more. I hope you like them http://imgur.com/gallery/xWKkd Keep In mind that I had to chose from the colors she had and was very limited in my details since the low resolution. I will create some more, so feel free to drop requests.
  6. I wanted this tank soo bad. Then Trump got elected. Damn him^^ Looks like a T8 E5 so very fun.
  7. yeah the aimbot does not seem that good or useful. He misses/bounces so many shots. Only reason he won was that the O-I manages to bounce off him.
  8. Nope. I did not, and I sold it. Did not think about making an appreciaten Thread since I am not purple enough I might if I re buy it. (And the JP4)
  9. Oh god I turned Winchance off pretty soon since it fucks with my mentality. I like to look at it after the game to have an excuse or the feeling I carried actually, but before the game its really, really annoying. And especially those people that are like "lost" before the game even started. I mostly like XVM to switch Crews in and out premiu tanks and my single pair of binocs. And I like seeing my stats in certain tanks in the garage.
  10. I mean they could ban every XVM user - which they won't do, at least until the next version will still have the realod timer. But, I am pretty sure that the next version of XVM will have that feature removed, since they don't want to be on the illegal mod list. I am just surprised they use this functionality in the first place.
  11. Well I am a Game Designer so I can at least provide some educated guesses. Checksum of course, but will be a game of Cat and Mouse. Upload the res_mods files upon report (possible but unlikely since a lot of people report of reasons and reports of cheating can't be taken seriously IMHO) Scan the RAM for certain Code. basically like an Anti-Virus. Afaik Valve and Blizzard do that for CS:GO and WoW Recognize certain Input patterns - specifically for Aim assists They are able to instantly betweent two points something a normal player can't
  12. I mean I am not scared of getting banned. WG won't be banning every XVM user aka 80% of their player base. Also if anyone know how to disable this function since I like the client damage log more anyway let me know.
  13. I made the mistake to update my XVM today. And they included gambiters damage panel that comes with a reload timer. So until they remove it or this functionality XVM is basically an illegal mod. And I just want my crews and binocs to switch tanks Has anyone links to older versions?
  14. I thought I was crazy. But after playing more TD's it became my favourite and I will re buy it at some point. The frontal armor is even enough to troll Cromwells and when they panic and check they have to flank you they are already DPM'd down. What I did not appreacited is that the gun handling makes it very flexible since you can get shots in in a very short timeframe - something i have troubles in other TD's.
  15. Hey I really dislike playing TDs especially in high tier games I feel pretty lost in them. I don't like Camo sniping since I feel I only get shots in after the flank lost already and they are stupid enough to go in one by one. Playing more like a med backfires a lot since every oppsing med outsnaps you, if they pay attention. Going aggressive backfires a lot since no armor and easily tracked ammoracked or everything at once. So how do I carry with the Grille15 or at least get more consistent? And how do I deal with those pesky camping TD's (think Mines?)
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