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  1. Hands are still shaking. Best game in the E50, though I had some bad RNG.


    1. RC_Tank


      RNG was busting your balls on some shots but that was a great game, really need an E50 now haha

    2. HappyIittlecloud


      Yeah I did not bother taking cover against the T-44 because I was like he is side on -  no way I can miss him. Critted twice in a row :D

  2. I just did over 4k damage in my Bulldog. With a 90% Crew and just after I unlocked the auto loading gun. I think i like this tank.



  3. Anyone wants a shitter like me in his/her clan? :)



  4. About to sell my Tiger 2. Still not entirely sure, but I want that E75.

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    2. leggasiini
    3. no_name_cro


      I like the gun on KT, but then I saw armor profile combined with that mobility. Tank is less armored than IS3 and still noticeably slower. WG logic.

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      E75 is what the Tiger2 wishes it was.

  5. The most ridicolous Ace I had. Carried a T10 game in my Panther 2, Bounced T10s all day.


  6. FS3WLc8.jpg

    This weeks "Team of the week"

    Got all but one kill and did twice as ne next one. In an artillery....


    1. Mnemon


      That was basically my first T29 game on thursday. Been bad ever since then. >.>

  7. Just got my T110 E5 I see no problems with its armor.


  8. From exactly 0 WN8 on the Black Dog to first MoE :)


  9. Since there is the sale going on. Which of the premium tanks is worth it? I got the CDC so far and am looking for something a bit more armored.

    1. OnkelAlfa


      Id take the IS-6 - always trust worthy.


      If not a heavy tank then I would take the Super Pershing.


    2. Mureke


      The T-54 Proto is also fine. It depends on if you need a crew trainer for American meds or Soviet heavies or meds. The T-54 Proto has the same crew layout as top-tier Russian meds, whereas the SP has a radioman, and the IS-6 is missing a loader that the IS-7 needs.

    3. TAdoo87


      It depends on a lot of things... From my point of view:

      The best money maker is the FCM 50t, but its hard to play it well. (The IS3a is just easy mode, but its not on sale I think.)

      The thing is you should buy something that is similar to your favorite tanks, because you will play a lot of games in it.

      I would not recommend you to buy something with poor pen. That usually doesnt go well with the credit farming.

  10. First T32 Ace. Nothing special but I felt so sorry for that guy in the end.


  11. Apparently I am about to Three Mark my JP4 without 6th sense and as a 50%WR scrub.


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    2. Kitten


      Interesting. I wonder if that was lazy programming or a conscious decision on WG's part.

    3. no_name_cro


      TL;DR you have to beat 95% of all scores in that tank and not 95% players in that tank in given time span? Is that right or I misunderstood the explanation?

    4. RichardNixon


      95% of all scores from the last two weeks. You get a battle count penalty as well from the moving average: About 37% at 50 battles, dropping to 14% at 100 battles and 2% at 200.

      I can't prove the method because the 2-week assisted damage distribution is unknown, but it's more plausible than any other method I tried.

  12. Quick question: Is the Cent 7/1's top engine worth the xp? I won't keen the tank.

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    2. FreddBoy


      Top engine will help maneuverability more than top speed, but if you want the Conquer as well, get the engine in the Cent 7/1

    3. Inciatus


      There isn't much reason not to, it'll make the grind more pleasant and you'll have the engine when you eventually grind for the 215B.

    4. UglyBigD


      I always recommend eliting anything above tier 7

  13. Note to self: Getting the Archer was a stupid idea.

    1. leggasiini


      Archer was okay actually. Fucking shit platform and annoying mobility. Only literal good side is gun and camo, but thats all it needs.

      Get ready for major aids after that. You get super shitty Hellcat with 2x less alpha, mobility and depression, a mega gimped Comet with good RoF, actually a good tank with long as fuck stock grind, a shitty Conqueror without armor, depression and almost 500 less HP, and finally tier 8 arty with tier 10 TD HP that cant fire indirectly.

      Have fun.

    2. HappyIittlecloud


      All I want is the T8 ;) But compared to the SU-85, t67, Stug 3 and the Deathtoaster this thing is just horrible. I played all of those and somewaht enjoyed them. I'll just grind this thing to get rid of it asap.

  14. utzY16n.jpg?1

    Well noone is going to get in our base.

    1. dashnog


      whoa a team with good positioning what gimme some of that shit boi

    2. Strigonx


      retards gave away A and B corner too quick??

  15. The weird feel when you usually have good games, but a bad winrate on a tank...


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