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    Ender_Keed got a reaction from KenyanWarlord in LOLI- Clan Recruiting!   
    Do you want to join clan full of anime lovers like Mahou or Shojo but without any of the skill or effort? Then boy do I have the clan for you! We here at Extreme Neko Loli are a clan created by my friends and I. We hope to be a functional clan that participates in platoons, team battles, skirmishes, and even clan wars! However above all, we hope to create a community of like-minded players to platoon together and simply talk to. We believe that there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting down with a friend who shares a common interest and having a friendly chat while blasting your enemies to pieces!
    You DO NOT have to love anime to join however! Being a clan on World of Tanks, your skill in the game is more important.

    We have very few requirements to join. Even then remember, we will take exceptions to these requirements if you are a cool person in general.
    Wn8: We would to have players with at least 800+ but also acknowledge that WN8 isn't perfect so we will base it more off of gameplay than anything else.
    Tier: Because of the nature of clan wars, team battles, and skirmishes, we would like to ask a minimum of one tier 6 tank. Preferably, a Cromwell or an OI.
    Play Time: Any time is good for us. We would like at least one or 2 days a week but we don't mind, as long as you can log on from time.
    Discord: We have a Discord but it is NOT required, if you are not comfortable with talking, we won't mind. However it is preferred that you use Discord for scheduled events.
    Thats all! Like i said, Even if you don't meet the requirements entirely, just prove that you are a team player and a fun person to play with and you will be in.
    If you are interested, message me (Ender_Keed), pwn_yo_face, or Impossibear_1. You can also go to our clan page and apply, where one of us will see it.

    Our clan page: http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000022524/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/0lxo3YOmSby9NpLC
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