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  1. I bet that would still be too much for the majority of the playerbase, though.
  2. They have too much influence over a match. CVs may well delete people even better once the rework is done, but WG wants the days of 'CV controls the vision game with all his squadrons AND has strike potential' to die. No one on the team with some bumbling 43% shitter in his Essex/Midway/Lexington/whatever likes it when they have to face off against someone who knows how to CV and support their team. CV influence is the primary thing on the chopping block, and that's why they're changing how CVs work now.
  3. I'm the same now, it's probably costing me a few citadels with those ships for the times when I forget.
  4. I'm still on my first (easiest) T8 grind, IS-3 - it gets pretty old almost always seeing Maus/etc and so I've slowed down a lot on the T-10 grind. I can only imagine the hellish experience of playing something like Tiger 2 (have it unlocked, confirmed never fucking touching it now) and other left-behind tanks.
  5. Yeah, the actual citadels are hard to get, but 33%s are pretty reliable if your guns don't derp everywhere.
  6. Can also go for barbettes. I've shit on all kinds of higher tier BBs who thought they were safe by shooting that. It's often a guaranteed source of damage because it won't be thick enough to stop BB guns in close, even if the pen for your BB's main guns are otherwise poor, and because barbettes are round no amount of angling can really keep there from being a relatively flat surface to you. The panic some BBs clearly show (turning off and giving you broadside, missing shots, etc) when you begin to deal consistent damage to them that way is just delicious.
  7. Even Musashi won't be worth it - unless rarity is good enough - since she's going to be a T9. A sad, pathetic shadow of Yamato unless they pile on an unholy amount of gimmicks to somehow make her worthwhile.
  8. Yeah, there was no way we were gonna get Dreadnought for free as a tech tree ship. There's more than enough slightly-different-clones of her in the pre-superdreads that followed her that one of those would be the T3. At least we got the Bellerophon rather than the Neptune/Colossus with their bizarre flying bridge structures that also housed ship boats.
  9. I hear it even farms Nikolais with relative ease.
  10. Welp, it just got removed. Maybe they'll make it worth something before they re-release it.
  11. Since it was just some supposed design study any real info on it is probably in an archive somewhere. The IJN was right to reject that design and keep refining for Kongos lol.
  12. It's a terrible ship thanks to the guns, but just try to find the most influential place in the match you can go to with respect to your gun range and go there. Then don't leave unless forced to or you win it. I learned to do that with Kawachi and it paid off when I ground through the ww1/Standard USN battleships: they were a fun and relatively easy experience for me. The speed disadvantage matters way less when its baked into your thinking to maximize your influence as early as possible.
  13. Kawachi is hilariously bad, basically a memeboat. South Carolina is pretty ridic though, even with Nassau and K.Albert existing - basically only get in her when friends play their tier 3s for the most part, but it's still enough to show what a BB that can actually place shots at that tier does. I'm waiting to see if Copy Dreadnought is as good as SC.
  14. She's great. Even back when she had the old 6x1 turret configuration and got even more massively outranged by other ships, she was a joy to play. Was my first T5 cruiser, and had a 71% WR grinding her. The 203mms are so punchy for tier that for a BB main like me she felt like 'easy mode battleship', since I was to the Nagato or so on IJN at that time, and whatever handling issues the Furu has are very gentle compared to most battleships.
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