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    Mnemon reacted to DirtyACE7 in when a 400 hp Panther decides to trade shots 1 for 1: Orthol (2:02:57 AM) Really a pl   
    That is the poster child for the majority of the player base on NA. Dumb and rude.
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    Mnemon reacted to CraBeatOff in how the fuck does anyone find 3 marking even remotely fun?   
    Reminder: if its not fun don't do it!
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    Mnemon got a reaction from TAdoo87 in Does anyone remember when was the last time WG released new map to WoT?   
    Paris...but I wish they had kept that one in the vault forever.
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    Mnemon reacted to leggasiini in Does anyone remember when was the last time WG released new map to WoT?   
    Paris somewhere in 2016.
    However, its such a terrible map that it would be better to not have it in the game, and it doesnt bring anything exciting so i guess it doesnt count LUL
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    Mnemon reacted to Assassin7 in Playing Ibuki. Cyclone has hit so spotting range is 8km. My Montana spots G.Kurfust a   
    Nah getting rid of stealth fire was great.  It wasnt fair just being able to sit unspotted and continuously farm BBs that would never have a hope in spotting you or being able to defend against it or retaliate. 
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    Mnemon reacted to KenadianCSJ in Does anyone know how to switch the tank stats view back to the "advanced" view or wha   
    Mods need to make WoT great again.
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    Mnemon got a reaction from SmirkingGerbil in may I please say, that if you are one of the assholes who has the Bright blue Xenon L   
    I hate those assholes, best on a truck so it'd come out of nowhere on a country road and almost totally blind you shining right into the vehicle. I'd just slow down to the point where they'd be forced to pass me if they wanted to get where they were going. It amazes me those fucking things are allowed.
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    Mnemon got a reaction from TAdoo87 in I find it unusual that so many the people who are really bat at World of Tanks and ot   
    Lying is easy, but improving is hard.
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    Mnemon got a reaction from Serene_Potato in Today was my High School Graduation And everyone keeps asking me if i feel any differ   
    If you go to grad school, you can get to Dance of Debt.
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