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  1. Hello folks, I´m back after a long stretch of inactivity. Things sure changed.......
  2. Hit me up should you want to play. I am playing mostly in the early and late evenings. cheers
  3. Dear diary, got blue recent. Became a patron. Happy new Year
  4. Lappon on EU. I dont even know why my nickname is Lappon. Maybe I was drunk when I created the account
  5. Hey, I am playing it too. Hit me up on steam if you want to play. I dont mind playing on the US servers since I get an astonishing ping of 90ms .. Larsson2334 on steam. Cheers!
  6. Hey mate, hit me up ingame if you want to platoon. cheers
  7. This looks like a Commandos Clone in Ninja Japan. Interesting, if it goes on sale i might give it a shot.
  8. Hello fellow tankers, I thought I might give an update on how it all went for me since I joined wotlabs earlier last year. I also would like to state some goals for myself and I would like to share them with you. So in may last year and roughly 2k games back my WN8 was at around ~925 and my WR about 52,5%. I mainly played T5 and 6 back then. Looking at todays stats I did improve but maybe not as much as I had hoped I would. Still I´m OK with my Stats and with my Winrate. Speaking off goals then. I ultimately want to reach Unicum Status (which is everyones goal here I assume). @Unicums, pants down pls... what were your stats at around 4K games? Tier X Tanks that I would like to unlock (in that order) American Med Line M48 Patton -> currently at M46 Patton (my only T9 Tank) German Med E50 -> I have the Panther unlocked but want to get my gunmark on the VK first. Russian Heavy , IS Line Czech Med Line American Heavy -> Currently at T29 Other Goals: Bring all tanks that I have played so far (T5 and above) above 50% winrate (looking at Pershing and Firefly in particular) Reach Blue Status by the End of this year (assuming I wont be able to play 50 games per day for the rest of the year) Join a clan that is active on the world map when I feel I´m ready for it (and have good tanks and good crew at T6, T8 , T10 Keep on enjoying the game and not try to hard I am still looking for players to platoon with, so If you want to play some games add me ingame. I´d be happy to play with you , be it with TS or just a silent platoon - i don´t mind. cheers!
  9. Hello Guys, after I joined wotlabs couple of months back i racked up some games and I would like to explore tier 8 and rising with capable platoon mates. Not looking to tryhard so much, but I always play to win and to improve. Feel free to add me ign: "Larsson2334" cheers
  10. Hello guys, I thought I´d give that post a little Update. I recently reached the green rank which was one of my main goals when I joined here. I worked through a lot of guides and really start to understand the game flow much better. I still struggle with consistency a lot, especially when solo queing. I unlocked and fullly equiped the IS tank but I feel that this might not be the best tank line for me. I very much enjoy the Skoda Line ( i got to skoda t24 - its the tank with my best winrate actually). I really like the gun depression and speed on the tank. I also started to grind the american tank line and currently got to the m4. I value gun depression a lot since when I dont have the necessary gun dep. i tend to overextend into greedy shots and just die. Also I really hit a wall when playing T6 and T7 regularly but I´m getting more and more confident each game.... I really enjoy the 22OTC clan since i have been platooning with some guys from the actuall "first squad" and learned a lot. If any of the more experienced players are up for it I´d love to platoon some time and maybe dive deeper into certain "leessons". How to deal with terrible gun depression would be a good one to start with... cheers!
  11. Hello everyone, Im Larsson from Germany. I started WoT a couple of years back and dropped it due to inactivity. Now I picked up the game again and I am looking to seriously improve my game. I got a wn8 somewhere around 750 and luckily it´s been rising constantly. I started a lot of tank lines and thus I have no skills on any crew just yet. I mainly play t5 and t6 at the moment. I consider the KV85, and Firefly my main tanks and currently leveling the czech medium line because i really like the gun depression and the new playstyle it opens up ( at least for me ). I also bought the IS but at its stock configuration I am still trying to accumulate some free EXP to get the better gun at least. I´m looking to improve my game and I love reading guides and theorycrafting and all that stuff. I would love to join up in a platoon with more experienced players to learn from them from time to time and at some point maybe join a serious clan. We´ll see. While I´m at it. I am eyeing the IS-2 deal thats HOT at the moment, can you recommend it? Cheers, Larsson
  12. Just joined the Community.... Hello everyone!

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