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  1. Cool - just joined. But it is quiet in the #tanks...
  2. Aloha fellow tankers,
    Noob question, but is there a 64bit version available? I tried looking for it with google but no luck...

    1. Kitten


      Nope. The game just got to 2010-2011 era technology... it just got DX11 integrated in. Maybe in 5 years?

  3. Just trying to do damage and stay alive...

  4. Some good points, but I like the speed and viewrange, + with a good camo crew it frustrates people with the snipe shots. I usually try my best not to get into a spot where I am easily rammed
  5. Noob Question - can i update xvm without losing my settings or is it a complete overwrite?

    BTW - I already tried a google search for this...

    1. hallo1994



    2. Mibbs
    3. RichardNixon


      You can copy over the config files after installing the new version. IIRC there's a giant pile of text files somewhere in the XVM folder heirarchy.

  6. LoL - lack of supply drives up costs here as well, although the folks in Arizona are counting the days until they have their own ocean front property...
  7. Aloha all, Been playing WOT for about a year, for a long time I had absolutely no idea what I was doing other than drive point shoot and die. I was introduced to this and other forums, guides and videos, recently joined a pretty good clan and all in all my game play is on the rise. Hope to become more proficient and have fun along the way. Pretty much always up to platoon and am enjoying this group. Thanks!
  8. I really like my Type 64, In pubbies, have found that depending on mm, I have either really fantastic games or really awful games - not much in-between. For strongholds it is great as part of fastbois composition or as a scout, almost always do well in stongholds, but the mm is all tier 6 so it has that going for it. Disclaimer - not the best tanker here - so your mileage may vary.
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