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  1. HD dying, virus/malware, software loading at startup. Task Manager is your friend as well as SeaTools or equivalent HD checker (Crystaldisk). Also, check for dead/filthy fans creating immediate overheat which can make CPUs self-throttle. What is your PC build and OS?
  2. The new tech and chips are why Sony and Microsoft are putting out revised versions of their consoles, I bet!
  3. Your money is much better served by investing in a more robust computing platform. In other words, CPU and motherboard. A quad-core processor (preferably Intel) running at 3.5Ghz minimum.
  4. Thank you both! The puppy farm concept is an interesting one!
  5. It does help, thanks. I may need to work up a spreadsheet or something for each country/tank line/crew loadout in order to keep track! The fact that I don't have anyone with 100% of any perk and if I move one of these premium crew I lose the BIA perk tells me I should probably just make do with other tanks and wait until I can truly take advantage of the premium tank crews with correct crew loadouts in the future. They should be well on the way to their next perk by then. And I should have some crew with 100% on the perks they've already been working on. I'll get to studying on it. Thanks!
  6. I hope this wotlabs noob has found the right forum. With the sales going on this weekend I can finally make some upgrades at a small discount. I would also like to purchase the Berlin Quartet while it's still available. And I'm hoping the crews could be used to optimize grinds. FWIW, *none* of my crew members have a single perk at 100% yet. Medium: The only thing unlocked beyond my T-34 is the SU-85B which only has around 11K experience. I'm going to need to grind experience. Can the Rudy crew be used to any benefit in my T-34? I can't seem to find a resource that tells me how many of which role of crew is in which tank. The Tech Tree's useless and the Rudy doesn't even appear there. Heavy: With my KV-1 I've unlocked the KV-2 and T-150 long ago. The sale this weekend has me ready to buy. I'd rather grind the T-150 based on what I'm reading. I also have a KV-85 with 38K experience or so, working towards the IS and KV-13. Looking forward to the IS. Again, the issue is crew. I'm very open to advice here. But what I'd like to find - and I'm sure it exists somewhere and my Google-Fu is failing - is some kind of table that has all the tanks, their crew counts, their roles, etc. so I can plan crew changes. I don't want to move crew only to find out I could have done it much more cheaply if I'd have just purchased new at 100% and committed to grinding their first perks, etc. Thanks!
  7. I definitely tend to "hero" and then end up "getting stuck". I'll go where we're weakest and then try to adapt to the supposed role of the tank I'm driving. I'll sit there and pester, etc. until I'm surrounded. I need to stop that. Thanks.
  8. LOL - sorry. I really didn't even check what I was supposed to put in an intro post. I'm just trying to hit the ground running. And thanks!
  9. Hey! You can call me Kazz. And no, the subject line's not a cry for attention or a sign of some disorder. I just took a long break from WoT and came back recently. Thanks for the content and for the forum! I put what I believe has been a lot of hours into the game. I've only looked things up when getting a new tank or have been completely buffaloed by an issue. But I've forgotten quite a lot and found WOTLabs just today. I did all I could to scream through the first five tiers and do not have a single 100% perk crew member in barracks or any tank. From what I can tell, that can be hard to do. But I'm not disappointed with my roughly 50% win rate. Yes, I'm interested in getting better. But my playstyle and inability to back off the focus and see what's going on around me gets in the way. I'm working hard to try to get better. But mostly, I just really enjoy the game. I find the ability to blow up tanks to be very satisfying. Right now I'm trying to get a grasp on where I am on the tech tree, which tanks are coming up next, trying to grind experience and credits, as well as which intelligent investments to make in order to achieve my goals. Also, I'm trying to optimize my playing time by using everything at my disposal to maximize experience and credits. WoT has some new features for that, I see. If I could, I'd pull up in a big ol' tank and shoot all the enemies in the face with one-shot kills. I really think that'd be ideal. I know that'd get really old really quick. But can't I? Just once? I love the nimble tanks with big guns as well as the ability to engage and disengage. But, again, I'm awful at the big picture. I feel I can sway a game when I focus and keep myself and my tank within our limits. At least with the tanks I have currently. American tanks: Ram II, M4A3E2, M4A3E8, T20, T14, M6, T67, M18 Hellcat, M37, M41 HMC - focusing on the Easy 8, T20, and Hellcat in order to move on. German tanks: 43 M Toldi III, Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf A, DW2, Pz.Sfl. IVc, Stug 3, E 25, Sturmpanzer II, Grille - not really working on this line right now at all. Nothing here excites me. Russin tanks: T-127, T-34, Matilda IV, KV-1, Churchill III, KV-85, SU-100Y - grinding the T-34 & KV-85 with a long way to go. Everything after the KV-1 is unlocked. UK tanks: Light Mk VIC - nothing happening here Japanese tanks: Type 97 Te-Ke - nothing happening here either My biggest focus is to get perks up and be ready to buy tanks and re-train crew when the discounts hit here in a week or two. The T29, M44, Nashorn, Jg.Pz. IV, SU-85, KV-2, and T-150 are available, waiting for me to pay for them and install crews. I've had clan invites but social schedule and general lack of desire to be committed like that so far have kept me solo. I do enjoy the impromptu platooning in-game, however. I'm into PC hardware with an IT background, married, kids, yadda, yadda... OK, enough about me. I'm looking forward to learning and participating!
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