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  1. BattleMetalChris

    World of Codes

    Steam key for XCOM: UFO Defence 2XINC-5FL7Y-K2NVX
  2. BattleMetalChris

    40k and other GW games

    Love your mini above (Librarian?), the detail on the book is fantastic.
  3. BattleMetalChris

    40k and other GW games #ohgoditsnotsatire
  4. BattleMetalChris

    "Exposing World of Tanks"

    Maybe I'm just lazy, but it constantly amazes me how much effort people put into these online drama-filled 'campaigns'.
  5. BattleMetalChris

    "Exposing World of Tanks"

  6. BattleMetalChris

    The Cream of the Shit Crop

    Given that marks are handed out based on average weekly damage for that tank, it would imply that someone is doing well in it.
  7. BattleMetalChris

    40k and other GW games

    My first foray into vehicles (I'm a tyranid player so I only ever paint monsters) The front plate is the only area that's 'done' so far but I think I'm getting the hang of weathering. I attacked it with a spanner to get all the dents
  8. BattleMetalChris

    Steam dicscount

    I got one in the end. I'm really impressed with it - it works flawlessly. I'm now trying to get some wireless Dualshock 3 pads from Ebay.
  9. BattleMetalChris

    Steam dicscount

    Steam Link box is only £15, I'm very, very tempted to get one. It lets you stream games running on your PC to your TV, and it'll pass control inputs back to the game, and it has native support for most USB controllers from the major consoles.
  10. BattleMetalChris

    What games had "changed" your life?

    In vaguely chronological order. It's a big list as I don't really have single games which changed me in one go, more a kind of long progression 'RPG Maze game involving giant ants which I can't remember the title and isn't 3D Monster Maze' - Atari 2600 The first video game I ever played, I was about 4. My cousin who's about 7 years older than me brought it round one Christmas. We burned the scoreboard and screen border into my Granny's expensive projection TV. Trap Door - Spectrum Ghostbusters - Spectrum The first games I properly played through and made progress with, and played with my friends round, aged about 8 or 9 Super Mario Bros - NES Duck Hunt - NES I got given a NES for Christmas, completely out of the blue and it was the most amazing thing ever. Duck Hunt had a gun you pointed at the screen!# Super Mario Bros 3 - NES The first game I ever completed Lemmings - Amiga Secret Of Monkey Island - Amiga Turrican 2 - Amiga Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 - Amiga When I still had my Spectrum and NES, my friend got an Amiga. A proper computer! It was the first 16-bit system I'd seen and everything looked incredible. I spent what feels like every moment of a lifetime, but what was probably one summer school holiday round this guy's house playing these games. I still get actually teary if I watch them on Youtube, just how special that time was to me. MS Flight Sim 3/4 - PC I spent a year or so before I was old enough to be home alone, going round a friend's house after school before my parents got back from work. He had a 286 PC and we played MS Flight Sim lots and lots. The idea that you were able to fly around actual locations was amazing, and I still have most of my knowledge of US city skylines from this game. Sim City - Amiga Frontier Elite 2 - Amiga Knights of the Sky - Amiga F15 Strike Eagle 2 - Amiga F117 Nighthawk - Amiga B-17 Flying Fortress I eventually got my own Amiga and these were the games that stood out. I've always been a plane geek and absolutely loved the varied flight sims released by Microprose. Although I dabbled in the original Elite on my friend's PC, I never really got into it. Frontier Elite 2 however was the first game that sucked me into the universe. Before I started playing WoT it was easily the game I'd sunk more hours into than any other. End of my lunch break at work, I'll continue when I get home
  11. BattleMetalChris

    40k and other GW games

    The artwork works because of her proportions - to get that into a 28mm mini they've had to make her legs twice as thick and it just looks really awkward. Just using a bit of artistic licence to have her leg not quite as high would have made it look better.
  12. BattleMetalChris

    Need a game suggestion for a work event

    I saw a great thing at an event a few years ago. They had a projector as the screen and about 40 gamepads plugged into a bunch of piggybacked USB hubs and some specially written games for up to 64 players. They were really simple affairs like little side-scrolling dogfight games, or a game with little pirate ships with players randomly assigned to either gunner or driver (where half the fun was working out who you'd been partnered with). You could just pick up a pad and join in.
  13. BattleMetalChris

    40k and other GW games

    One of the most stupid-looking models GW has ever produced. "Ah, victory. Time to balance my foot precariously on this skull. Ugh.. it's a bit high... can someone give me a hand...? ugh.. nearly there.... ah! Now take the picture before I fall over."
  14. BattleMetalChris

    All ya'll unicums get exposededed

    The '20 lies about WOT' article is worth reading. Someone has got seriously butthurt if they're clutching at straws that much for things to get salty over.