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  1. We're going for a Kickstarter-Campaign - feel free to donate to the Pandarian Empire!
  2. Hey dear WoTlab'ers! Just created my account here a few days ago. I'm really glad that I have found a place like this where in-depths-game-knowledge meets users which know to value each other - unlike the official forums So, I'm a german player which tries to get deeper into the game and improves his own gameplay step by step (random, sh and cw). In my whole WoT-'career', I was only in two clans: In the first one, a german clan, I was about 3 years before I decided two weeks ago to join an international clan. I'm really dedicated to a clan when I can feel that there
  3. Then I was really lucky so far! I'm really happy I found this forum. On the official one it seems sometimes hard to find reliable answers - especially when it comes to details. Thx guys!
  4. Nice! Never thought about this option!
  5. On the RU-meds, I'm running food instead of the fire extinguisher. I never had problems so far - except I got shot from behind. On other meds, i.e. the Batchat, I'm using it instead of the med kit. Even if the Batchat and the T62a have the same percentage in burning, I felt that the Batchat is burning more often than RU-meds. But that's very subjective. Edit: Both crews are on the 4th perk
  6. I play it with the same cons and equip
  7. Hey, Something I've been asking me for quite a while is: Are extra rations, like coffee etc., always usefull (in relation to the creditcosts) or only when your crew is well skilled? For example: I'm grinding a new crew in my M46 Patton and atm I'm at the second perk. Would it be usefull to put in some Cola or would it be just a waste of credits? Thx for all the replies! P4nda
  8. Hey, I can really recommend the 113, TVP and Patton to you - the Tier IX are also pretty awesome. Simply amazing tanks and the grinds are also decent.
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