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    RedoxTV reacted to Sapros in t110e5 equipment   
    My e5 commander dies all the time.
    I should rename him Kenny.
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    RedoxTV reacted to westybig in t110e5 equipment   
    personally i run two repkits and a fire extuinguisher, frontal ammo racks are a pain and with JOAT you can easily account for crew losses (which i find i rarely get in e5)
    i should probly clarify you'd want at least a 3 skill crew to drop a fire extinguisher, that way you have have 6th sense, BIa and JOAT with out sacrificing for repairs
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    RedoxTV reacted to Snoregasm2 in t110e5 equipment   
    I use rammer, optics and vert stab. No cola, standard large rep, fire ext and first aid kit.
    It's good for spotting with its high base view range in a pinch. For example, on Prokhorovka you can play the mid ridge when there's no or only 1 arty fairly well and bait shots at your turret, spotting them in the process.
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