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  1. Original article by @Tav We’ve all seen it: a well-aimed shot at an E-100 hits and does all of 200 damage. “Why?” You ask the RNG. “Why would you ruin such a perfect shot?” It turns out the mechanisms governing low damage rolls are actually fairly easily understood and can be manipulated to the artillery driver’s benefit. The basics of aiming have been covered, and now it’s time to refine that skill. When playing any kind of front line tank it is expected that a good player will understand the armor profiles of what he is engaging. Without that understanding, a tanker will not be abl
  2. Original article by @Tav Artillery is one of the most controversial aspects of World of Tanks. In one camp you have those that believe it is a detriment to play and that the strategic overview camera (what you see when you press shift instead of sniper view) is completely unrealistic. In the other camp you have those that staunchly defend artillery and insult those that complain about it. Whichever camp you call home, or even if you’re wandering between camps, it is important to understand that artillery is here to stay. As a result, it is just as important for the new or even established
  3. It is the same for every tank. Any variations are just RNG (on a per game basis) and confirmation bias.
  4. January at the latest. RIP your reading ability.
  5. Perhaps you should check out our current requirements before trying to recommend people only to waste their time http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000009177-FOXEY/ For reference, PUPEH: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/363119-why-not-pupeh/
  6. We require 4 CW viable 10s. He only has two BUT, PUPEH is probably a good idea right now. They're rapidly getting better and you could probably help them out quite a bit.
  7. Not entirely, no. From Dallas the route to that IP still charts through Telia for three hops.
  8. Gotcha, thanks. I figured that might be the case - not really overmatch, but close enough for government work.
  9. With AP. But what E 100 would bring AP to a CW battle? HEAT has no overmatch mechanic. Now whether or not the E 100 HEAT round would still go through I'm not sure - too busy at the moment to test that but I'll probably edit this later to make sure.
  10. That was in December. 268s were not nerfed yet, Zatch is correct.
  11. RIP reading comprehension. I would expect the main forums to be full of people that don't look before they open their mouths, but not here...
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