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  1. Can some players (any wn8 as long as they are not red) play with me in platoons or teach me how to play? I'm a lowly 650wn8 but im 1300 recent
  2. I am trying to get better, i am a eu baddie, and I have terribad wn8 because i was a terribad player for first 3-4k games (I used a trackpad for crying out loud, and was 9). Looking to be mentor'd Likes strongholds
  3. Sure, hit me up with your username
  4. Im English and i have bad grammar *quietly facepalms at himself*
  5. Hi, i am the typical noob who wants to improve, my wn8 has been getting better, but i want more help on how to improve I have a mic, do not like ts however, prefer in game voice chat. Also, i am 14, so my voice isnt as deep as barry white.
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