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  1. Why485

    VK3601H Heavy

    That about sums up my opinion on the changes. Still good, but not as enjoyable to play.
  2. I didn't know there was a macro for it, but I do this all the time. Before I play a tank I do a quick check of the tank distributions and if it looks likely I'll get pulled into an unfavorable game I'll leave the queue and either wait, or pick a new tank based on the distribution. This is especially important to me for tier 8 because tier 8s getting pulled into tier 10 games happens far too often and is just awful.
  3. Even when he mucks up, it's much more interesting to watch him try. When it works, it works. When it doesn't, he'll usually sit and explain for a minute why he shouldn't have done whatever crazy thing he just did and then goes into detail about what he should have done. Plus it's just funny to watch somebody's "clever" idea get shut down in seconds. I'd much rather watch him maneuver around, trying his best to exploit holes in the enemy placement with a fast medium than watch him sit on a hill and rack up 5k damage and 5 kills by doing nothing other than shooting. Thus, I watch his streams because they fun, interesting, and he has a pretty good grasp of how to play. If I wanted to watch a stream with the explicit goal of trying to get good, I would watch somebody who's more knowledgeable, but dry, like EJ. If I want some light hearted fun and want to watch somebody who is both an entertaining personality and also reasonably good at the game, I'll watch QB. That's all there is to it. I'm not always in the mood for a clinical dissection of how to exploit pubbies and the best tanks in the game. Both are engaging for different reasons. I think your argument is that the two are not mutually exclusive, and that's probably true. However, I personally haven't come across somebody who effectively combines top, top level play while also being very entertaining in that hard to describe and personal to the individual "fun" way. If you have recommendations, feel free to throw them out there.
  4. Back on topic, if it weren't for streamers/entertainers like QB, I wouldn't be here, and I would still be a pubbie arguing about Russian bias and how the Comet is one of the worst tanks I've ever owned. I can't speak for Jingles, because I've watched very few of his videos. They're too long and I know from watching him on QB's channel that he's not really that good, just an interesting and pleasant fellow. QB is a good player, who plays ultra-aggressively for the sake of entertainment. No matter what you think about him, he has the stats to back up that he's not an idiot. Is he the best player out there? The best player I've ever watched? No. Not at all. Especially now that I've improved as much as I have, I can tell when he does or says something stupid. It's not that common an occurrence, but it does happen. Personally I find him to be very strong at playing the game with what he brings into it, but I often disagree with the comments he has about the meta of the game such as choosing optics/binocs or his opinion on the overall quality of certain tanks. The point I'm trying to make here is that for an average player wanting to learn to get good, watching him play and hearing why he does what he does is incredibly enlightening. Again, were it not for me on a whim one day deciding to watch some guy play WOT one day, I would still be the God awful pubbie I once was. Overall for QB at least, who as I understand it is the most popular streamer in terms of raw viewers, does far more good than he does harm. He plays well and often speaks what he's thinking, making it easy to understand why he's doing well. As for the 20pdr debate, he doesn't use the 20pdr anymore. I can see why somebody might prefer it, because I do enjoy myself some mad DPS, but the L7A1 offers far more versatility at the cost of raw DPM.
  5. For the moment I'm running the usual Rammer, GLD, Vents, but I've been considering switching the Vents to optics. I'm not sure how much benefit I'll get by doing so. At the moment I'm obsessed with maximizing the DPM of the gun and have been relying on teammates to spot targets for me.
  6. Why485


    So good they make joystick players jealous and angry.
  7. Why485

    VK3601H Heavy

    I played it over the weekend and I still find it to be a good tank. The nerf was fair, as the 3601 was definitely overperforming. It still has the armor, but its gun selection is now a real choice. It's still a hard hitter and reliable tank, but the loss in mobility can make it hard to react to changing situations. It's still good, it's just not blatantly OP anymore. That being said, I don't drive it anymore, but that's more because the Tiger is so great now than the 3601 being worse.
  8. Huh, for some reason I could have sworn the Lowe had a 400 alpha gun. My mistake. In that case, it's a Tiger II that trades everything for the ability to earn more credits in a match.
  9. I haven't played in a long time, so I take this with a grain of salt, but back when I played that's completely true. The game gets really cheesy when its 1vs1 because the unit counts are so small and maps are so big. I think Wargame is best played with 2-4 players per side. You get a much more even spread of units and each battle can be micro'd by each player.
  10. I ended up taking my new heavy crew from my VK3601. It was a tough decision because that tank has been one of my favorite tanks in the game since I started playing, but in the end I'm glad I did. The Tiger is fantastic, if a bit situational. It requires good positioning to take advantage of its mad deeps, but once you find that sweet spot and unload on people it's like magic. Just don't get hit because I swear every time I get hit something breaks. Usually the engine. The turret mantlet is not bad either, but it's difficult to hull down because the turret is so short and hull so tall. Appropriate cover/hills are harder to come by.
  11. I just wanted to drop in and say thanks to the guys working on this. I've been following this thread since its inception and really like where WN8 is going. Keep up the good work guys.
  12. Don't. When it was first introduced it was okay, but a changing meta and power creep have made it an obsolete relic of the past. I've had some very good games in it, but they've never been games where I did well because of the Lowe, it's always despite the Lowe. The ultimate killer of the Lowe is that it can and will see tier 10 games. If the Lowe got pref MM, it'd be a whole lot better. I guess the best I can say is to play it like a turreted TD. No armor, but an accurate (albeit with a slow aim time) and decent alpha for tier 8. The rate of fire is low enough that your DPM is garbage though, so you'll have to make every shot count. The turret is okay, but not a reliable bunker like the American tanks. I don't really know what I can tell you that you likely don't already know. To me it's a Tiger II that trades everything for the ability to make more credits.
  13. Once when I was complaining about the Comet and saying it was a useless and bad tank, I had multiple people tell me to get good and that I was the problem not the tank. It pushed me over the edge to start looking stuff up and become a stats whore so I can numbers turn purple. I already knew the raw mechanics of the game pretty well, but I didn't know how to use them. Some streams, videos, and replays later, I started to see a very market improvement in my gameplay.
  14. So, finally had some time tonight to play the new Tiger. Warning: Some serious honeymoon style gushing is to follow. Jesus Christ the Tiger is amazing. Finally the Tiger receives the treatment it deserves. I’m having fantastic games left and right. The DPM is phenomenal and the buffed accuracy (aim time) is the icing on the cake. I love this tank now, I really do. It’s such a good tank. I have a pretty embarrassing history with the Tiger. The Tiger is one of my favorite tanks of all time, so when I first got it about two years ago I was ecstatic. Unfortunately, the Tiger sucked. On top of that, back then I was not good enough to play to its minimal strengths. It was also my first heavy tank ever, and a complete 180 from the VK3601 that preceded it. With all these things working against me, the Tiger has one of the most abysmal stats in my service record with about 250 battles recorded for it. It’s bad. Very bad. I was so disappointed with the tank because I wanted so much for it to be good, but it just wasn’t, and I wasn’t good enough to make up for how bad it was. Come 8.8, the Tiger has been rebalanced. The gun mantlet has been strengthened up, the commanders cupola weakpoint has been curved and buffed, it’s now faster in a straight line, and the long 88 has been adjusted. It is now the great hull down sniper, built around a fantastic gun, that it was always meant to be.
  15. Ever since I became a tryhard turbonerd, I haven't done anywhere near the grinding I used to do. I used to just put up with and rage with an awful stock tank but not anymore. New tanks are so few and far between these days that I save up enough free experience now to unlock at least a couple modules on a tank before I buy it and start playing it. Once I unlock a tank and free exp a couple modules, I will play a couple rounds to see if I can stand the grind, get frustrated, then convert some free experience with gold. I've also made a conscious effort to not try to grind through multiple tanks at once, and when I do have to grind, I always alternate it with a good tank that I know can produce good stats. I find it kind of sad how I do all of this now. Sometimes ignorance was bliss.
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