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  1. Holy shit, I bought 11 loot boxes and got the scorpion. So I bought another 11 and got the IS3A. I'am one lucky son of a bitch. I guess that is my whole luck for 2019 LUL

    1. Ham_


      Got a Defender hehe

    2. Bavor


      My total from 100 boxes(Purchased 75 then 25):

      • 68,990 Gold
      • 65 days of Premium time
      • IS-3A (12,190 gold value)
      • 252u Defender (10,950 gold value)
      • Turan III (1700 gold value)
      • KV-220-2 (1500 gold value)
      • Santa tank commander
      • many garage slots
      • Ornaments and decorations for festive atmosphere level 10
      • All four of the tier 10 special skins

      I added it up and its definitely well over $300 of value if I were to purchase those items.  Probably closer to $400 I guess.  I don't know what I'm going to do with all that gold other than saving my free XP for the next discounted free XP conversion weekend.

  2. Type 59: 12 WZ-111: 16 112: 23 T-34-3: 11 AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 26 leKpz M41 90mm: 12-3=9 Sometimes when you have a good game it's fun to play, but in the current meta it's really hard to make the tank work. Skorpion G: 27 Löwe: 31 Pz. 58 Mutz (Black): 23 STA-2: 26 M46 KR: 22 kv-5: 21 T-44-100: 10 T26E5 (Patriot): 29 T26E4: 18 M4A1 Ravioli: 32+1=33 It's just fun to play with that alpha and decent mobility.
  3. Yeah, they were testing it on RU server you could trade your premium tank for 50% of its price and buy another with that, still you need the another half of gold and the tank have to be only in tech tree, but I think it's still a good deal, when you don't want some premium tank and with another patch, they are gonna put the Mutz in the tech tree.
  4. Type 59: 15 WZ-111: 19 112: 22T-34-3: 12 FCM 50 t: 19 M4A1 Rev.: 29AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 23 leKpz M41 90mm: 21Skorpion G: 24Panther 88: 20-3=17 I really tried to like this tank, but fuck it, when the tank exchange will be available, I'am trading it for Mutz.Löwe: 30 +1=31 Because Löwe, the new meta. Easy to grind credits, even in T10 matches. Just joy to play for me.Pz. 58 Mutz (Black): 21STA-2: 25 FV4202 (P): 2M46 KR: 21T26E5 (Patriot): 26IS6 (Black): 4KV-5: 20T-44-100: 22T34: 11T26E4: 20
  5. Type 59 - 21 WZ-111 - 18 112 - 21+1=22 I have waited for this tank a really long time and when I bought it, I was not disappointed. I play this tank everytime, when I want to just chill and enjoy the game. Great armor. great mobility, only the gun can be shit sometimes. T-34-3 - 18-3=15 I have stopped playing this tank after I got the 112, which is in my opinion better in every way. 59-Patton - 11 FCM 50 t - 24 M4A1 Rev. - 23 AMX M4 49 (Liberté) - 21 leKpz M41 90mm - 21 Skorpion G - 23 Panther 88 - 20 Löwe - 29 Pz. 58 Mutz - 20 STA-2 - 24 FV4202 (P) - 8
  6. What the fuck is happening in WOT these couple of days. I can't fucking win one single game. More people started yoloing me and arty is focusing me more also. I think this game will give me heart attack. Any tips on improving the fucking winrate?  :nmad:

    1. Jaegaer


      Stay cool and patient. You can't force winnning in WoT on a game by game basis (without a Platoon at least).

      So understand that your real winrate is not when all runs well but is the average between streaks when all runs well and streaks when all runs badly.

    2. Fianii


      You playing the swedes?  They get focused down pretty often because of that mission, I had so many people go out of their way to kill me.

    3. Urshakus


      Nope don't play swedes, just the tanks I like to play with or grinding. I think it must be the teams, when everyone is a shitter and I'am the only decent player. 

  7. God I love 112. Fuck IS-6!   :doge:

    1. Tarski


      EU always gets the best sales. 

    2. Urshakus


      Well it's nice, that EU got better deal than NA in a long time. 

  8. Urshakus

    The Chinese 112

    I was waiting for this tank a long time since the buffs and immediately bought it and my god, the memes. Much better than IS-6 except the DPM, which don't bother me that much.
  9. When I actually need to be bottom tier in my heavy to kill two higher tier heavies. I'am always top tier. Wow :doge: Any tips on this mission guys? I'am stuck on it for weeks now, and it's fucking frustrating. 

    1. Joyrider216


      Either failtoon or pray for bad mm

    2. nemlengyel


      pluton with your KV-2 and pray to RNGesus

      like dis




    3. Tigeh


      APCR AMX 50 100 + T57 Heavy + E5 trio forces a couple of top tier opponents and increases the number of TDs/Heavies on the other team. Let your platoonmates engage then once they're down to <460hp, pull out and clip. Repeat x2.

  10. So I gave up and finally bought it. The mighty Löwe and holy shit man, what a beast. Only one thing that kinda bothering me is the DPM. If they would raise it on pair with like the AMX M4 mle. 49. There would be nothing to complain about.
  11. Am I the only one who noticed, that people started to shoot more HE? Wtf 

    1. DirtyACE7


      I think maybe there's just an influx of new players who don't know better. They buy a tier 8 premium and go straight into high tiers before really knowing anything about the game. Had a Lowe player shooting HE this morning. I wasn't surprised that when I checked his stats that he had less than 1k games.

    2. Strigonx


      1. New players being new players

      2. Retards slinging HE because autistic E-Morals regarding prem ammo

      3. Retards in general

  12. Woew, WG is selling the M6A2E1 (Mutant) on RU server. Maybe it will come on EU and NA as well. :serb:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. How_Terrible


      48 minutes ago, Kitten said:

      It won't come to NA for legal reasons. But yes, it's the best pref 8. 

      After all these years it still hasn't been power creeped into oblivion?

    3. Assassin7


      Wait what? Wow... 

      Also @How_Terrible it was powercreeped but they made it HD and it got a megabuff

    4. Gold_Therapy


      So a good buy for my RU account then? hmmm :tanfiesta:

  13. Ahhh the memories, so I bought the Stronghold Crusader 2 Special Edition, which also contains Stronghold Crusader HD. All this for 3.99€.
  14. Oh boy, please tell me that I'am not the only one, who's getting shit on in WOT today. Shots missing or bouncing and having series of games with 1000 and less damage. I think it is time to stop. :nmad:

  15. Weow, I just hit purple recent WN8. I can call myself unicum now, I guess. :kappa: 

    1. Korb3n_Dallas


      Negative. Unless 3K+ Overall you are a shitter. :bigdoge:

    2. Victrix


      Blue shitter

    3. TAdoo87


      @Victrix *Teal shitter :doge:

      @Urshakus if you hit blue overal you can call yourself blunicum.


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