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  1. Wow, so today  FV215b 183 teamkilled me in my M41 90 GF because I was not spotting  for him WTF is with the wot players Iam starting to hate wot more and more

    1. GreyKnight9612


      Had the exact same situation few weeks ago. Played my M41 90 and an FV flamed me the whole game for not spotting on malinovka, at the end he was actually talking about team killing me aswell. Needless to say he did an amzing ~2000 dmg in more than 10 minutes while I got more than 7k spotting. So yeah I wrote him a pm after game and asked him if he could explain me how to spot on malinovka :kwim:

    2. cpraf104


      Congratulations, you've finally realized the less obvious mantra of WoT - TD players are just as retarded, if not more mouthbreathingly stupid, as arty players.

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