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  1. Made me laugh a bit on a Tuesday, figure could share it with the community.
  2. Thank you for the illustration and pointers everyone go wide and come straight at em got it now to do it in prac-app. Good Hunting all.
  3. Will give that a go, was just asking might be poking with wrong angle. Get shot through side hull when poke with front of tank. Appreciate the response.
  4. Just got this tank, have played a few battles in it. My question is when cornering do you do traditional side scrape, reverse side scrape, or swing wide to keep the front towards enemy? or is all this situational?
  5. Greifer


    I enjoy it, being playing on and off since launch (lifetime member). Its still has the classic MMO feel, multiple skill lines with numerous hotkeys. Makes you think a bit about button combination, especially the Warden class.
  6. Greifer


    Thought he was asking for old games and possibly some different choices to play, sorry for misinterpreting the OP/thread.
  7. Greifer


    Original Gauntlet, Wolfenstein, Doom, Duke Nuk'em, Leisure Suit Larry, UO, Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator. Currently play Tanks, LoTRO, SWTOR, Hawken, Rome 2 TW, and Warhammer TW.
  8. Does lowering the ammo count effectively lower the chances of an ammo rack from occurring?
  9. Thank you for the responses, will check out the replays on both sites as well as try out the advice you all gave. See how it goes and good hunting to everyone.
  10. I really enjoy playing the Germany TDs, but needed a hand in what role the bigger bruiser types play. Was running them like a sniper found the game works better with them rolling with the heavies in more of a support role. Not sure though easily flanked, is there a more middle ground style to play that works better? Or, continue trial and error?
  11. I play around 50 a day, depending on what time friends get on sometimes more.
  12. Been hanging around the twitch channels and forums for a bit, figure I would give it a go. Get some help along the way, I am an ehhh tanker looking to get better. Been playing WoT for a bit take long breaks from it and keep coming back, so think I'll stick it out now. Got to tier IX think I may have rushed the bubble a bit have hit and miss games sometimes really good then really horrid. Any direction from the community would be helpful and appreciated, til then good hunting.
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