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  1. az_zill

    AMX 30B - Is it good?

    Trash penetration on both standard and premium shells ruined this tank for me. I don't like to spam gold to begin with but even when you need to... HEAT gets something like 40% chance to pen UFP of 430U... Standard shells struggle to reliably pen lower plates of tanks like e100 and is7.
  2. az_zill

    Do you EVEN 90?

    Holy shit this thing is fun. Camo its just silly and not only on the move/stationary, you can get camo after shot to almost 12. Using bushes properly you can be shooting people that are 60-70m from you without being detected on Runinberg. Size makes it so you can put whole tank in some bushes being covered from all sides and laughing as enemies are sniffing right above proxy spotting range. I run binos like you guys suggested, considering putting IVents I have laying around in depo on it to get that VR on move to 1m short of max. Also stuck at second mark for now.
  3. az_zill

    Do U think T57 is over-nerfed?

    Anyone tried it with improved vstab+vents? Can you skip gld for optics in such configuration?